More Positive Pub for Salem

This time,, aka the Oregonian, wrote a quick blurb about Riverfront Park and suggested dining at the Wild Pear. Here's a copy and paste from the article.

Salem: Oregon's capital has too many attractions to see in a day, so concentrate on Riverfront Park downtown on Water Street. Look for the historic Union Street Railroad Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge (it opened in April), the statue of Gov. Tom McCall landing a salmon and the Riverfront Carousel. Head into the historic downtown for lunch at Wild Pear (372 State St.), then take State Street east out of town and make your way to Silverton.
Here's a link to the full article. The write up, by Terry Richard, gives Silverton equal billing as Salem but we'll take it. I would suggest taking a full day in Salem because you don't want to be rushed as you stroll through downtown and discover the cool little nooks and crannies that are abundant within the shops here. Head over to Silverton after spending a night in the capitol city and having breakfast at some of the cities best eateries.

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KandN said...

It's good to see the word is getting out :>)