Los Dos Hermanos

It wasn't so long ago that our "friends from work" group would do a great job of promising each other to get together for lunch during the summer months. Perhaps it has to do with kids getting older and lives generally changing, but for the past couple of years we've done much better. We're so giddy with our success we're even thinking of scheduling a third date to give others a chance to join us.
Our original plan was to meet at a joint downtown with outdoor seating, but sitting in 107 degree heat on a sidewalk next to an asphalt street and a brick building sounded downright risky as far as our health is concerned. So we decided to meet and eat at Los Dos Hermanos. I remembered a blog comment suggesting we give it a try.
T and I were the first to arrive. We walked in unsure whether to seat ourselves or not, so I asked a young woman taking menus to another table. She inquired if we wanted a table of booth, led us to our booth, laid down the menus and escaped to her next task. Thank goodness she was much friendlier when she returned with water, chips and salsa.
The two of us caught up with each other and looked over the menu until the two L's arrived. The restaurant's lunch specials were displayed under the sheet of glass on the dining table, although I did notice later there was a daily special sign by the front door. Our patient, good natured waitress kept returning to see if we were all set and was ready with a suggestion when we asked what drink she recommended. Three of us ordered Cadillac Margaritas and T ordered a Corona (he thought it would be the safest bet, since he needed to go home and finish painting). As you can see in the photo above, T's beer glass was chilled and frosty. Just what you'd like to see on a hot day!
We all ordered off of the lunch special menu; a chalupa for T, Burrito Loco for L#1, Enchilada Acapulco for L#2 and Pollo A La Cream for me.
The two L's were never quite certain whether their platters were switched or not. At one point they were on the verge of deciding they had it right and then began to question their reasoning again. It's tough to tell an enchilada and a burrito apart when they both have a sauce poured over the top. All in all they enjoyed their entrees. While mine appeared freshly prepared, I found it on the bland side. I was wishing I'd poured salsa over the top. I did enjoy the two fresh tortillas that came with my entree.
L#1 said, "Lunch was terrific! Conversation, drinks, and food were all great. Even with the confusion about which L had what dish, the food was wonderful. (Both of them!) I would order either one again. And the margarita was really refreshing, if a bit strong. Well worth the price."
T said, "What I enjoyed most about lunch was 1) the company, never a dull moment, and 2) that the place wasn't busy and so we were never wondering where our food or service was. And the service was very friendly; I liked her. Food was good but not great, but if that place were on the south side of town I wouldn't mind going there. I'm not a fan of spicy hot food, but bland is never good either. Nothing particular stands out good or bad. Well the cold beer was good!"
When I put the whole experience together--friends, laughs, hearing the latest on one another, our drinks, the food and service--it was a good afternoon indeed.


Chuck Bradley said...

Lunch on their patio....on a perfect summer day! I was greeted by big genuine smiles and enthusiastic service. A big basket of chips and salsa were brought with my lemoned ice water. I ordered the Enchilada Chile Verde with Sour Cream. The Chile Verde was very good. The sour cream somehow got mixed up with the black beans and rice and created a chorus of degustation that looked rather odd, but was great! Sometimes wonderful taste sensations can be created quite by accident. On a scale of 1 to 10 I'd give this place an easy 8.

Chuck Bradley said...

I went Salvadoran here today.

Shredded Pork and Cheese Pupusa and Tamale w/ fired Yucca Root. Both came with Curtido, that wonderful Salvadoran Pickled Slaw. Their Chip Salsa was muy caliente, but they kept the ice water coming.

Good food, good service and solid value.