Cleaning out the bug zapper

Here's some of the awful comments left behind by readers of the blog. Enjoy!


-a friend of mine ate there no to long ago with a group of friends and her husbend, she said it was a horabel experence. the service was bad, none of the orders were right and the bathrooms were floded. on top of all that her husbund broke a tooth on a drill bit that was cooked in his food. they both said that it was way to expencive for the area and they will never be retuning to that establishment

-you own your own business? Yet you spell absurd (absured) and Hauled (halled)? WOW... is all I can say

-I think Salem is Mexican State as it is ruled by them! Not a fan of mexi food, sorry!


Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! The third comment was mine! I still think it should have been allowed

AMY said...

I'd love to see anonymous posting be eliminated. If you can't put your name on it, don't say it. Perhaps people would then take a moment to proof-read their contributions. Everyone makes a typo now and then but good lord some people haven't passed third grade spelling, apparently.

Anonymous said...

Political and economic power in Salem still remains with whites.

What is this? The Statesman-Journal? Why bother posting a racist comment.

I sometimes read that some restaurants are too expensive for the area, but they are often cheaper than the Olive Garden or some steak place, which do really well in Salem. I never understood this...

... said...

I think you should have let a couple of those through for amusements sake LMAO