As good as expected.

My girlfriend and I dropped-in on Word of Mouth Bistro for Sunday breakfast.

Upon arriving, I noticed a full parking lot, along with about 10 patrons on the front steps of the restaurant, and another 10 people inside the front door. All of whom were waiting patiently for a table.

I've heard great things about Word of Mouth, so the line of customers was not unexpected.

We walked in, gave our name to the hostess, and waited outside. Twenty minutes later, our name was called, and we were guided to a corner table in the middle of the dining room.

The atmosphere was lively! We could hear dishes and silverware clanging in the back, while folks in the dining room engaged in energetic conversation.

Our server greeted us and informed us of the morning's specials. We perused the tempting menu while the server brought coffee and cream for my dining partner.

We decided on Biscuits & Gravy for myself, the special Crab & Asparagus Omelet for my partner, and two sides of the Crème Brulee French Toast (we heard it was amazing).

Although the restaurant was very busy, our food arrived in short order.

The tender biscuits were smothered in a creamy sausage gravy. The plate also included two slices of bacon and two eggs- sunny side up for me. As a dish, it was executed very well. It tasted like Biscuits & Gravy is supposed to taste. Nothing special or fancy, just pure and classic.

My partner loved her omelet. The crab (a surprisingly healthy portion), asparagus, and hollandaise sauce, complimented each other nicely. Her omelet was also served with whole grain toast with a delicious house-made strawberry jam, and skillet potatoes.

As for the Crème Brulee French Toast, it was as good as we had expected. The creamy and soft center was encased in a sugary crisp crust. Best French toast I've had!

Friendly service, great food, and a bill of around $25 before tip? I'll be back for sure.


KandN said...

Mmmm, vicarious eating may not be quite as satisfying as the real thing, but enjoyable none the less. :>)

AMY said...

Their early bird special price on breakfast Monday thru Friday just floors me. From 7a-8a their breakfast special is just under $4. That's crazy. And I love it. =-)

Becky Mucha said...

Wow, Thankyou so much for the nice review.. We have the greatest customers and so much support from Salem. It has been a truly remarkable first 8 months. The 3.95 "early bird" special has really taken off. We do it to get the day started right in the morning..(not really, but better than falling asleep at work =))

One thing I am proud of is that we try not to make rules, like charging to split a plate, beverage purchase is not required with the cheap specials & you are welcome to do take-out on the early bird specials.

Once again, THANKYOU and we look forward to bringing lots more fantastic specials to Salem! (and having fun doing it)

Anonymous said...

We also were there Sunday for the first time. Amazing breakfast can't wait to try lunch and dinner!! Hopefully soon very soon!!

Anonymous said...

Went to WOM last night for dinner for the first time ever! So GOOD! I had the chicken cordon blue sandwich which was amazing - huge chicken breast! Yummy bun! It was great. Hubby had special - swordfish steak. Came out looking very gourmet and he enjoyed it! Friends we went with had the prime rib french dip and steak stroganoff. Huge portion on the stoganoff!! French dip looked delightful. What a great little find here in Salem! Will definitely be back to try breakfast!