Willamette Queen Sternwheeler Video

This is one of Salem's best "landmarks." Whenever I think of the Willamette River in Salem, images of Captain Richard steering his ship around the low spots and passengers enjoying the view of the city from river level are the thoughts that come to mind. I have been on board and taken a ride but have never been on a cruise with a meal. It's on my list someday. This video showed up on Youtube this morning. It's a commercial, but it's some really beautiful images of the stern wheeler. The Willamette Queen can be found on the docks at Riverfront Park.

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Sam I Am said...

I too thought the dinner cruise sounded like a fun idea, so a couple of years ago made a reservation for Valentine's Day. It seemed like a fun & unique choice, right? How wrong I was! It was, hands down, the WORST dining experience we've ever had, anwhere. The food was terrible, the dining room was overfilled, the boat was understaffed, our waiter dropped a glass of hot tea on me & never returned. Even the music was bad. It was like being stuck in a private, floating jail. We couldn't wait to disembark and will never, ever return! :-O