White's For Sale

Legendary Salem restaurant for sale in SE for $1.3 million. In my book, White's is one of the best breakfast spots in town but we were in there for dinner, a few months ago, and it was empty. The servers there are some of the friendliest and most professional in town, making the atmosphere comfortable for newcomers and the locals. And that place has tons of regulars. You can't go in there without seeing someone you know. Anyone know why the owner is letting go of this place? Thanks to one of our readers for pointing this one out.


KandN said...

Wow! What a surprise! That must be the reason behind the new paint job? Oh, I hope someone good buys this Salem icon!

Anonymous said...

Restaurants (non-chain) are very very difficult to sell. You plunk down a million bucks and you don't get any return on investment - - without working it hard every day. For a million bucks you probably have to work it hard for ten years just to get your money back.

The real estate here is probably worth 300k +/- in this market.

Plus, it is going to have to be a cash heavy buyer. Banks are not lending much now - and even in good times they don't like restaurants - because unlike real estate - if you stop working it there is not much value.

I sure hope to see this place run by someone who will keep the atomosphere and hopefully increase the quality of the food. I really like the place - even though the food is just ok. Service is the best around.

Anonymous said...

White's is still for sale. The price has dropped to $800,000. The reason for the sale is now "Owner is relocating because of health problems."


I find this interesting because last year Don opened up Mommy and Maddi's in Keizer and converted an old diner on 12th Street to Don's Restaurant. I know Mommy & Maddi's sold earlier this year, but I have not heard that Don's Restaurant is for sale.

I hope that Don's health problems are not serious.

Anonymous said...

If you're so interested, maybe you should give them a call instead of playing "what if".
In a SJ article I understood it to read that different branches of the same family own each diner.
Let us know what you find out.