OTG Bistro

The OTG Bistro, also known as the Oregon Tea Garden Bistro, is an adorable little lunch spot in the basement of the Reed Opera House lovingly referred to as the Reed Underground. OTG sits across the hall from the Little Cannoli Bakery.

After apartment hunting during the week, my husband and I chose to find food in the cool depths of the Reed Opera House. This is where we found OTG Bistro. It possesses two rooms across the hall from each other. The first is the kitchen and cashier with limited seating. The second room is decked out with antique dresses, art, and furniture. Everything on the menu looked good so I asked the owner(?) which was her favorite sandwich. She said the tarragon chicken salad, aka The Mark twain, was very popular and tasty. My husband picked another specialty sandwich, The Nightingale.

Not seeing a tea menu at the front counter, I ordered a water to drink and my husband a can of Coke. We were offered seats in the second room because the first room was full. It was very tea house like, with dark green and red decor, strewn with antiques. When our food arrived, it was on white and blue china-esque plates. My husband really enjoyed his sandwich, which was on foccacia bread. It looked really tasty! My sandwich was also good. I've said it before that I'm not a fan of soft bread, so I think that was my one issue. I just don't like how squishy it is when you bite down and prefer something more substantial. The fillings were very good! I love it when baby and mixed greens are used in sandwiches. It gives extra color and tastes so much better than iceberg or romaine. Our meals came with chips too, but only a bag of Frito-lay brand chips, nothing spectacular.

Over all, this place is cute and has good tea-room style food. Their sandwiches were well thought-out and executed and the theme of the restaurant was consistent. I think it would be a great place to take your mom when she comes to visit or even take your friends for a quick lunch after shopping downtown. Also keep in mind that they cater and do wedding cakes.

I noticed on a second menu posted on the door (as we left) that they offer a wide selection of teas and tea services, which can also be found on their website. I would like to go back for tea sometime. The teas look delicious.

OTG Bistro
Located in the lower level of the Reed Opera House
189 Liberty St NE Suite B-7
Salem, Oregon 97301
Menu Page 1, Page 2

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Lise M said...

A mere 3 months after I review this and it is closed. I was walking down in the now very empty basement of the Reed Opera House 2 days ago and saw that OTG is now a catering place only. no more tables, not more tea.

Can we get some new places down in the Reed Opera House please?! Maybe they need to fix the building up a bit and more people will want their stores and restaurants in that location. So sad.