Lunch at McGrath's and Wednesday Market

by KandN

I didn't know if there would be time, but it turned out that Jonathon and I were able to fit in a trip to Wednesday Market before meeting our separate dates for lunch. I had spotted a trio of recipes in the newest Sunset magazine (Open-face Caprese Sandwiches, Garlic and Thyme Green Beans and Grilled Chicken with Peanut Sauce) I couldn't resist and needed a few fresh ingredients. Besides, Fran always appreciates having a fridge full of produce for cooking. We found basil, green beans, shallots, cilantro, and a six pack of Hot Lips Soda. There was just enough time left over to drive Jonathon by the apartment complex Lise and her J hope to be living in. Whew!

After stopping at home to drop him and the produce off, I dropped by friend K's house to pick her up for lunch. I had planned on taking her some place new, but after hearing her express interest in going to the market and both of us wanting to eat outside we chose the downtown McGrath's.
K remembered seeing a newspaper insert advertising some specials, so we asked the waitress to bring that menu to us in addition to their regular menu. K ended up choosing a favorite, "Oregon Pear, Bleu Cheese and Walnut Salad", from their regular menu and after deciding I wasn't hungry enough to eat the Halibut Platter I ordered the Halibut & Prawns instead.

{Making mental note-"be sure to read menu description before ordering".} I was so glad I had asked to have seasonal vegetables as a side, along with the coleslaw. Due to my chattering with K, I totally missed the menu description, "Golden Fried". And they were golden fried. Sometimes I do get an urge for fried fish, but I'm not a fan of batter anymore. I decided (since it was my mistake after all) to focus on the main reason I love these lunches--time with friends.

After we finished eating, we paid and continued to visit until I checked my watch and noticed that the market would be closed in 25 minutes. During a quick booth browse K found some radicchio and greens she couldn't pass up. On the way home we stopped in at Cascade Baking Company and bought some bread. What a great day, even though I had to relearn about paying attention the hard way!

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