Figaro franchise to Open in Dubai

According to a press release, Salem's own take and bake pizza franchise, Figaro's, is opening in Dubai. Dubai, as in United Arab Emirates. Here's some highlights from the release.
"Our studies showed that there is an unfilled niche in the Middle East for high-quality products, especially for fresh pizzas that people can take home and bake for themselves," said Foodco Holding's chairman and Managing Director Ahmed bin Ali Khalfan Al Dhahry.
Figaro's CEO, Ron Berger says "We are very excited that our very first expansion outside of North America is with such a distinguished, experienced and well capitalized group as Sense Gourmet." The franchise born in Salem in 1981 has close to 100 restaurants in North America and expects to continue to grow by 5 to 10 stores per year.

More from the article/press release:

The store had its 'soft opening' on June 25th. It is located at the Plaza Level Rimal Building, The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence, with a 2,400 square foot dining room and outside seating of 800 square feet. Sense Gourmet Managing Director and CEO Mr. Ali AL Qellawi will declare the outlet officially open at a ceremony which will be attended by members of the Sense Gourmet Board of Directors, Dubai Retail Properties officials and industry leaders.
 It's pretty exciting to hear Salem success stories happening all over the world.


Connie said...

I had six kids to feed in my car on the way from camp to a special concert they were playing in. I need good food at a certain time and within budget and the kids requested pizza. Figaro's Pizza on Wallace Road made it all happen with smiles to boot. Jordan (a very plesent young man) directed me to Brenda the manager who made the arrangements. I called from the freeway as agreed and when I arrived, six hot-out-of-the-oven personal pan pizzas were waiting for me. I paid and got back on the road in under a minute! The kids raved about the pizza and I raved about the staff. It doesn't get any better then this.

Chuck Bradley said...

It sounds like a bizarre symbiotic fit to me. I would think Figaro’s only hope for success in an upper-crust (no apologies for the groaner pun) utopia such as this playground for the super-rich, would be to market to the service and support sectors. I somehow just can't see Sheikh Abdul ordering a bake-at-home Pizza! (Hold the sausage!) It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

Chuck Bradley said...

OOPS! Just noticed the date on the original post. Anybody know how it did/is doing?