Busick Court 2009

My husband and I got out of the house a little late for breakfast yesterday. So when we got to Busick Court off of Court street, we weren't sure what to expect in terms of menus. At 11:30 am the place was still packed with breakfast diners. We saw a clip board at the register with crossed out names and note explaining that parties should write down their name, number of people and then wait outside. Not sure if we should just seat ourselves at the two open tables we decided on waiting outside. A couple minutes later a waitress came out and told us we could have our pick of the open tables.

We sat down and were greeted within a few minutes with breakfast menus and lunch menus as well as an offer for coffee. For a smallish restaurant I could tell they were really busy. The two or three waitresses seemed to be running around trying to catch up. It was ok, it just meant a bit of wait time between ordering or paying for the check.

Since my husband and I set out to get breakfast, we took a look at the breakfast menu. There were quite a few yummy sounding choices. I wanted to try either the baked eggs and veggies (with lots of cheese) or the Huevos Rancheros. I felt like I needed a little spice in my food to wake up so I ordered the Huevos Rancheros. My husband ordered the Chocolate Chip Pancakes...not a big surprise there.

As we waited the crowd in the restaurant got larger, if that's possible. I knew this was a favorite for many Salemites and its been around for much longer than many of the current breakfast favorites. As we waited for the food we sipped our coffees and talked about what apartments we'd go look at today. I noticed the coffee wasn't so much as weak but maybe lacking in flavor. After it cooled down a bit I realized it was just a light roast and I prefer medium to dark roast. My husband loved it. He's a light roast kinda guy and we do a lot of pushing and pulling over what coffee to buy for the month.

The food arrived and it looked tasty! As you can see from the pictures, the pancakes were huge. My huevos looked like a Mexican plate of yumminess. I started in with my fork...I wasn't quite sure why there was a steak knife provided with my plate. The potatoes were ok. They were a bit under seasoned, but I guess that just means low in sodium and healthier, right? I didn't understand the pile of shredded lettuce under my fried tortilla. The huevos rancheros themselves were pretty good. There were a lot of flavors going on and they went together well. My husband had no complaints about his pancakes and he looked like he enjoyed them. He did have a hard time finishing them, as did I with my food.

Overall it was a pretty good place for breakfast, a little chaotic, but decent. I can see why it is a favorite for many community members. The staff is friendly and the place has a certain vibe to it that says "we are a part of the community", it could have been the art or the posters or even the obvious regulars. I can't exactly put my finger on it. Myself and my husband agree that it's a good place, but it didn't take over our top 3 Salem breakfast places.

250 Court St NE
Salem, OR 97301
(503) 370-8107



Anonymous said...

What are the top 3 Salem breakfast places?

Lise M said...

My top three are Sassy Onion, Word of Mouth, and French Press (3 used to be Rockin' Roger's, but not until the appearance of my new fave coffee and crepe place). But I know many people have their own top 3.

Anonymous said...

My top 2 are Sassy O, Word of Mouth Bistro

Anonymous said...

The food at Busick is fantastic, but the servers poor attitudes when we've been and lack of ability to substitute anything is a bummer, so unfortunately my new fave breakfast place is now WofM :( I'm sure I'll have to go back to Busick sometimes for that Peanut Butter Honey stuffed french toast though...

Anonymous said...

I quit going to Busick Ct after getting tired of waiting outside for a table. They have so many customers, I'm sure I won't be missed.

Melina Tomson, MS said...

I still haven't been to the Sassy Onion but agree that WOM and French Press are excellent additions to our restaurant scene here.

I'm impressed with how much of those pancakes he ate. Man those looked huge!

Lise M said...

Melina Tomson-
I'm impressed with how much of those pancakes he ate. Man those looked huge!

He's a skinny boy, but he can hold his own against pancakes...or burgers for that matter :)