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Salem Dinner Table said...

Alessandro's adds new appetizers, small plates

Posted 7/28/2009 2:18 PM PDT on

Alessandro's Ristorante & Galleria executive chef Mickael Azizi is expanding the offering of appetizers and small plates.

The new options will include oysters almondine; a pizza with fig, bleu cheese and pear; Northwest clams with white wine, fresh tomatoes, garlic and herbs; grilled polenta crostini topped with a ragout of bell peppers and sausage, and a cheeseburger made with hormone-free beef from Eastern Oregon.

"The expanded menu of smaller meals gives diners an opportunity to enjoy gourmet meals (in smaller portions) at more affordable prices," Azizi said. "Many people prefer to eat more sparingly during the hot days of midsummer."

Many appetizers will be offered at half price during the restaurant’s happy hour. The bargain bites will include antipasto, calamari, the classic Caprese salad, chicken strips, grilled asparagus, and a small pizza with cheese and onions.

Anonymous said...

It's been probably 5 or 6 years since I've eaten here. The food was fine, but the atmosphere was bland and generic somehow, giving off the same impersonal vibe as an upscale restaurant in an airport or business hotel - like the kind of place that politicians go to have expense account meals with lobbyists.

Anonymous said...

The restaurant has changed dramatically in the last few years. It is not only Salem's No. 1 fine-dining eatery, it's also the best art gallery in town. It's time "Anonymnous" revisited this Salem icon!

Al Packer, Independence