Top Dog Sports Grill

Again, the car pulled out of the driveway without a destination set. My family likes to decide at the last minute where to eat. It's kind of unfair to my family because, having this site, I need to eat at new places all the time. The car rolled toward Commercial St. with names like Bigfoot, Word of Mouth, Thai Beer, even Popeyes and Carl's Jr, being suggested for potential places to eat. One requirement needed to be filled for this all to work, a TV monitor to watch the NBA Championship. Oh yeah, it can't be a bar because we have two children. They don't drink. When my wife suggested "that new sports bar over on 12th St." I was convinced they would never allow kids in there. We gave it a try. I peeked in the door and saw signs that indicated only part of the restaurant is off limits to minors.
It's called Top Dog Sport's Grill. I noticed they left the word "bar" out of the title. Lavachickie did a great job reviewing this place in March so my apologies for writing about it so soon. I might not have written anything if it wasn't such a great deal. The food was very good and reasonably priced. I ordered Kung Po Chicken for under $8 and one of my kids got this order of two Whimpy Burgers and fries for about $5.50. The owner of Top Dog used to own a Chinese restaurant on Commercial next to "Big 5" called Eng's. So, it was no surprise that my spicy asian dish turned out so good. The cheeseburgers, I ate the leftover one that was too much for my daughter to eat, were juicy, served next to an abudance of crispy fries. We sat at a tall table with stools just far enough back to get a good view of the game on a bank of widescreen monitors. Each of the tables along the front window also had personal monitors playing the game.
Just about every table was full on a Tuesday night, probably a crowd of folks rooting for the Lakers to lose. I was a little worried about the service at first, not seeing many people working there, but we got our food fast. Having the option of good Chinese food along with typical bar fare in an enviornment that is appropriate for kids is unique. The rest of the reviews from other members of my family confirm that we will be back. Maybe tonight.

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Chuck Bradley said...

I had surmised by the number of cars in their parking lot during the lunch hour I had noticed on several occasions, that this place probably had something special going on. Today I tried it. It is a sports bar with myriad television sets on the walls, so I was expecting burgers, dogs and sandwiches to dominate the menu. They were present, of course, but to my delight, there was a number of teriyaki offerings. I had a sesame chicken salad which was served with a wonderful dressing on the side. It looked like thousand islands but had a distinct teriyaki tang to it. Also, on the side was a cup of hot chili sauce which gave the sesame chicken a zesty punch. The server, it turns out, was one of my favorite cashiers at the WINCO store on S. Commercial. She was friendly and efficient. A great lunch in a convivial atmosphere! I recommend Top Dog.