Ninkasi Brewer's Dinner at La Capitale

This is a Twitter feed that happened live on Sunday night.
For more information on Ninkasi Brewing Company, visit their website:
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Just a test for tonight's dinner if the laptop doesn’t work. Its at 6pm!

Vic D here. It’s a bit early but I wanted to say hi while I set up the laptop and try to find a signal.

Everyone is milling in and being seated for tonight’s Ninkasi Brewers Dinner.

We met the chef and the hostess Alison. I see a few faces I recognize like the owner of Wandering Aengus.

Jamie Floyd of Ninkasi is setting up the meal with an intro and a surprise. An appetizer and summer radiant. My first time to taste a premiere beer.

Summer radiant is very flavorful and well radiant. Cant wait for the beer to be in stores. The fried cheese and salami was a nice combo...

next course up is a non traditional pale ale their spring release Spring Reign

The food will be tuna seared and accompanied by corn puree tomatoes and arrrugula

Light and beautiful is how I describe the next course. Very spring like. ooh i think I hear jazz in the background!

just waiting for the next course...what a lively crowd

Just learned that Ninkasi is truly a local beer with local ingredients. They are not organic so they can use local ingredients

Next up is a darker pale ale with proper American beer food...dogs and tots

The quantum pale ale is a bit sweeter and tastes German with the grain mustard and tater tots. mmmmm...

the more beers i see placed in front of me the louder the conversations...and now they bring us steak knives

next up is the flagship domination ipa. sounds great

beer tip: IPAs and cheese (fondue) go really well together

Wow. The beer and fondue with the beef are perfect together

so creamy with the right amount of bite

Did i mention this beef is local from Knee Deep Ranch

waiting for the shell fish and learning about IPA..hops a antibacterial. I didnt know that

ninkasi is the sumerian goddess of case you were wondering

the next course will be light and not complex so it doesn’t overpower the desert. bring on the believer double red ale

Salty pork, shellfish and red pepper. Different but still tasty

beer and food is wonderfully paired

I haven’t left, we are getting a short break before desert is announced

oat meal stout up next. Yum one of my favorites

beer float! omg! how awesome is that

beer floats are not for the meek. they are bold and tasty. I feel like im a judge for iron chef with this course

down to the bottom of mu float. who knew vanilla ice cream and oat meal stout would be so good together

Great dinner! Lots of applause for the chef, kitchen staff and the brew master as well as the waitstaff

Very glad my first brewmaster dinner was such a well planned and executed one

thank you so much for joining us at this special event. This is Vic D signing out. Happy eating

I'd like to send out a huge thank you to @kidcapitale for inviting us to the dinner last night. Im so glad it was such a success

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Lise M said...

I hope a few more Salem restaurants set up events such as this one. I think I saw that Bentley's had a wine maker's event earlier this month. If the cost is below $50 a person (not the $80 I'm used to seeing), I think these events will catch on to all foodies, beer connesiuers, and winos in Salem.

Karen B. said...

The Ninkasi beers are available for sale at your local Roth's. They come in the big bottles (22 oz?) and all the Salem localtions should have them now.

tracylee said...

The Ninkasi beers come in the large, single bottles, and tend to run a dollar cheaper or so than the same sized Rogue Ales or Arrogant Bastard.

My N likes the Double Red as well as any other beer.

Anonymous said...

This was a very nice event. Great time. The beef was chewy - - I noticed a lot of other people that only ate half the small portion.

Not so sure about having a hot dog at a nice restaurant - but the tots were heavenly.

The beer was very good.

HINT: You can buy 22 oz bottles of Ninkasi to-go at the SFNY Pizza on Commercial and Owens for $5 (which I think might be cheaper than the grocery store). They will have one tap of Ninkasi very soon - at $2.50 - which is unheard of for a local micro.

Service was first class. Overall, excellent.

Lise M said...

Anonymous, I'd have to agree with the cut of beef. It was a bit hard to cut. But I overlooked this because it was local. I don't know if I should have though.
Looking at a Google search for the cut "bavette" revealed some interesting information. It is suppsed to be fiberous and chewy and is gaining popularity at bistros across the world. I guess it has a great flavor, which I can attest to. It just wasn't easy to eat.

KandN said...

No, the steak wasn't melt in your mouth tender, but I felt it was just chewy enough to enjoy the texture and flavor. The combo of IPA, steak, cheese fondue and cauliflower puree was like a taste of summer. :>)