Ninkasi Brewer's Dinner at La Capitale

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Ninkasi Brewer's Dinner at La Capitale
Master brewer Jaime Floyd of Ninkasi Brewery in Eugene will be on hand. All of our taps will be pouring Ninkasi and we will pair the craft brews with five courses of La Capitale's food. Think house-made garlic & herb sausages with "Double Red Ale", grilled steak with "Total Domination" IPA and Ancient Heritage Dairy's "Adelle" cheese fondue, "Oatis" oatmeal stout ice cream float and much more. Each course will come with a different Ninkasi beer. Ninkasi's summer seasonal beer "Radiant" will also make it's debut at La Capitale this evening. This promises to be a fun, one of a kind even.

Where: La Capitale Brasserie, 508 State St., Downtown Salem, Oregon
When: Sunday, June 28. There will be one seating at 6:00 pm. By reservation only. Space is limited to 50 seats.
Cost: $48--not including gratuity.
For more information or for reservations please call 503-585-1975 or visit our website at


tracylee said...

Oooh, too bad I'm not working and don't like beer! N really likes the Ninkasi beers he buys in the store - especially since they're a couple of dollars cheaper than the Rogue or Arrogant Bastard for that type and size.

Karen B. said...

Just in case you can't make it.....the Ninkasi beers are available at your local Roth's markets. Just a little helpful info there....

Vegan's Nightmare said...

What a FANTASTIC Father's Day present!! HINT HINT to all you sons and daughters out there!

Lise M said...

So, if anyone wants to sponsor me, I'd GLADLY go and twitter from this event for everyone. ;-) Love La Capitale!

I'm not crazy about the one (spring) Ninkasi beer I tried, it was too hoppy for me, but I hear their amber is nice. I want to get my hands on some posters with their art on them. Love the designs on their posters and labels.