Jamba Juice, It's Local to Me

Way back when, in the last century, I lived in a state that was closer to the equator then Oregon and a bit drier. There was a juice craze going on. It was healthy and as you walked down the streets of downtown San Luis Obispo, the sound of blenders could be heard as people lined up in storefronts all over town to have their fruit pureed. The most popular locally owned place was Juice Club. A co worker of mine, at the time, ordered a drink from them over the phone for pick up almost everyday. Just as the company was starting to open up more franchises around the state, they changed their name to Jamba Juice. I'll confess to being confused by the name change, believing that the original name was better at explaining what the product is. Soon, Jamba Juices started setting up shop all over the country, usually next door to another beverage mega chain, Starbucks. Jamba Juice has really found a niche in the restaurant industry. Maybe their name recognition has given them the ability to squeeze out the competition.(just had to write that line) The restaurant they have in South Salem is never terribly busy. It's bright and cheery with loud upbeat music playing in the background. I often wonder how the working environment of that place changes one's personality. I just imagine after an eight hour shift of squeezing juice from wheat grass, listening to George Michael's hits from his days as the lead singer for Wham! and being exposed to shades of colors not seen in Salem from November to March, that a person might come home more energized then when they went in. We go there, on occasion, when we feel the need for a quick healthy meal to go. Razzmatazz is my drink. It's what I've been ordering for years. Way back when, I believe it used to be about $3 for a 16oz cup. Now it's over $4.50. The one health hazard you should know about before sucking down a cup of this nutritious meal, brain freeze. It gets you every time, especially on a warm afternoon. The Jamba Juice website has a couple of fun games on it here's the links. Jamba Maze Craze and Functional Breakdown


Lise M said...

Mmmm...love me some Jamba Juice. Whenever I feel like I've eaten too much fast food or unhealthy stuff I always have a craving for their blended drinks. It always makes me feel much healthier instantly.

Salem Dinner Table said...

I love JJ too.

Jamba Juice was founded in April 1990 by Cal Poly graduate Kirk Perron, along with cofounders Joe Vergara, Kevin Peters, and Linda Ozawa Olds.[3] It was incorporated in 1990 as Juice Club, Inc. in San Luis Obispo, California.[4][5] It is known as one of the leaders in the quick-serve fruit and vegetable juice market nationwide.[6] Juice Club Inc. of San Francisco changed its store name to Jamba Juice in 1995.[7] Said founder Perron:[8]

Jamba Juice is a chain of smoothie restaurants headquartered in Emeryville, California with over 700 locations operating in 30 states, the District of Columbia and the Bahamas. Over 500 locations are company-owned, with the remainder being franchised.[1]

International oportunities
Jamba Juice is going global.

Anonymous said...

There is a secret menu at Jamba Juice and so far I have had luck with ordering from it though some of the employees don't see to know what you are talking about, so it is hit or miss. Here are the flavors strawberry shortcake, white gummy bear, peanut butter and jelly, pink starburst, fruity pebbles, push pop and skittles, raspberry dreamin, pineapple dreamin, bluetopia, sourpatch kid, now and later, apple pie, and red gummy bear.

Salem Dinner Table said...


"Secret menu" at Jamba Juice


Mighty Foods


Secret Menu @ JJ