French Press or Breakfast in Paris

From Paris in June

Two strokes of luck gave me the opportunity to try French Press for breakfast on Tuesday. Thanks to one of our sweet school families (that I've been lucky enough to have 3 of their children in class), I had a French Press gift certificate and thanks to excellent internet timing, I had a breakfast date with my dear friend, Shirley. We synchronized our watches and decided to meet a little after 9 AM the following day. Even though it was a beautiful, blue sky morning, we opted to eat inside--I have a tough enough time hearing without the steady hum of Commercial competing with voices.
Before leaving the house, I wanted to check out their online menu, to get an idea of what the offerings were. I didn't have any luck with the menu link on their website, but remembered Salem Man had scanned and posted a copy of their menu during their opening. Thank you, Salem Man! (side one, side two)
We both decided on one of their breakfast crepes. Their menu directs you to choose one from a list of different meats and to choose two from a list of vegetables and cheeses. I chose Black Forest Ham, mushrooms and mozzarella cheese for mine and Shirley chose Black Forest Ham, avocado and mushrooms. We both ordered a mug of their house coffee.
Their coffee is deep, dark and strong--just the way both of us like it. My crepe was thin with a very slight sweetness with the nice combination of an egg, the ham and sauteed mushrooms, tucked inside. Shirley commented that her crepe had a generous amount of both avocado and mushrooms.
It was nice to enjoy a warm breakfast of lighter fare with a friend--which made for less eating and more visiting.


Rebekah said...

I still have to try their crepes to compare them with Napoleon's. Have you tried both?

KandN said...

No, I haven't been to Napoleon's yet. Seems like another good goal for summer. :>) Let me know how they compare.

Melina Tomson, MS said...

I haven't tried their crepes but their coffee and smoothies are great.