Christo's opens in new location

Mon.-Thurs: 11:30-2PM, 4:30-8PM
Fri.: 11:30-2PM, 4:30-9PM
Sat.: 5-9PM
503 371-2892

Christo's Pizzeria debuts its new location this weekend, with a soft opening available by reservation only. The gourmet pizza joint was formerly housed in a tiny, intimate storefront on Church Street downtown. Patrons stood in line to order at the cash register, and then jockeyed for one of the few tables.

The new location - formerly Dick's Appliances on Broadway Street - is everything the old location was not. It's large and spacious, with a lively bar and a large kitchen. It feels upscale with a nice ambiance. There are plenty of tables, and at Friday's opening night, every one of them was filled. Waiters and waitresses buzzed about the dining room.

The most drastic change at the new Christo's is the expanded menu. Previously, they focused mostly on pizzas, with salads and breadsticks thrown in. Now, the menu includes pasta, steak, veal, chicken plates, appetizers and desserts. The pizzas are still there, but there are lots more of them.

It's always sad to lose a restaurant from downtown, but Christo's neighborhood is an interesting mix, and getting more lively all the time: The beautiful new Salem Cinema is across the street. Willamette Noodle Company was down the way, but that location just closed for good ~ with a cryptic promise of a new restaurant taking its place.

Next door to Christo's is their lounge, a lively 21-and-over music venue. 

As of Friday, reservations still were available for Saturday night: (503) 371-2892.

Christo's Pizzeria 1108 Broadway St. NE, one block south of Market.
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tracylee said...

I haven't been in to Christo's for awhile, I should put it on our list of places to try soon. I feel a connection to them, since I'm related to the owner in some way. There are only so many people from PA (his folks and my Dad) with our last name!

Oh, and I've always loved their pizza!

KandN said...

Suddenly I'm craving a margherita pizza, mmmmm!

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Why are these places mismatched. Why would people in Mohawks not like fancy schmancy pizza? All kinds of people live in this city. I don't see any problem with them mixing next door to each other.

Rebekah said...

I'm really excited for this neighborhood. And I'm so glad to hear that businesses are cooperating to build up the neighborhood. That's always a good sign that something great is going on!

Katie said...

Oh good! My husband & I drove past it last week & were wondering where in the world it had gone. Glad to see Christo's is back!

Sara said...

The pasta was tasty

Mesh said...

This neighborhood is starting to look like some of the Portland neighborhoods. This is a good thing. Welcome, Christos!

becky said...

Yummy pizza, first time there the other day. good service- we will definitely be back!

Looks pretty inexpensive for lunch, they offer personal sizes of their designer pizzas=)

Anonymous said...

Best Pizza is Salem, hands down1