Breakfast with Jonathon at WOM

We needed milk and everyone in the household had forgotten to buy a gallon the day before. Poor N had to do without his usual oatmeal and had to settle for strawberry shortcake for breakfast
- on a chocolate muffin
- with whipped cream.
Poor, poor N! {A memory of a Bill Cosby routine just popped into my head; "Dad is great, he gives us chocolate cake!"}

Fran's Jon had some errands to run (yes, milk, too!) and we were both up and ready, so off we went. Little did we know that Word of Mouth would pop into our heads once we were on the road. As soon as we walked up the steps and opened the door we were greeted. A spot at the bar? Sounds perfect! Their eggs benedict holds a special place in Jonathon's heart/stomach. One of his favorite breakfast spots in Ashland offers eggs benedict, but he says they pale in comparison.

Becky treated us to a taste of their split pea soup while we waited for breakfast. Oh my word! I am not a split pea soup fan, but this was full of (OMG) delicious ham flavor and just the right amount of pepper to bring it all together. Who would've thought pea soup for breakfast?

I had to turn down the toast, (which I love) due to my chewing handicap, when I ordered my accidental omelet. The wonderful marriage of mushrooms, sausage, cheese and eggs tasted so good! This is the only place where I order an omelet. Omelets, in my book, have to be fluffy and not overcooked and not over stuffed. WOM knows how to make an omelet. {yup, I'm gushing!}
Jon and I enjoyed our breakfast, sipped our coffee and watched Rachel Ray peel potatoes, until it was time to get busy on those errands. Thank you, Word of Mouth, for a great start to our day!


Rebekah said...

I haven't made it over there for breakfast yet. I really have to do that this summer!

Becky said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the omelet.. I think I had to run off and get ice, and did not say "good-bye". Thankyou for all the loyalty and to all of those that have visited us this first 6 months. it's customers like you that keep us going..

By the way, Honey Baked Ham has the best ham-hocks for split pea soup.
2 huge ones for 4.99!!

KandN said...

Hey Rebekah, A bunch of us should set a date and meet at WOM for breakfast this summer.
Becky, Thanks for the ham-hock tip and the great breakfast! See you soon!