Best of the Worst

Here's some more rejected comments from some of our less then nice online neighbors.

Shut up Bitches ********* IS THE BEST. Don't go if you don't like.. more food for me!

************** has gone way downhill since the owner is always drunk

hi, i like the place but i don't like the older women because she looks like a mean person,she gave us a bad service but thank you ******. i like your tacos.

At least its better than teh **********.....i've always go out and eat there because i go and get my nails done .....and i've seen couple of new managers....there is one mexican guy hes short and cubby and my opinion and he was just on this young worker she was doing her hardest to attend all the people and had no help from the drive thru or the manager.....i cannot believe she as alot to deal and i over heard he is such an **s in my opinion now i go to ******** ....because i just hate to see such and unfairness to this girl......

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