Volcanoes Stadium, Civil War

It's been a few years, 26 exactly, since the classic Oregon college rivalry known as the "Civil War" was played on a baseball diamond. We're lucky that they scheduled one of the games between the state college rivals to be played at Volcanoes stadium in Keizer. This is the University of Oregon's first season with a baseball team in the Pac 10 since 1983, so most of the 5000 plus fans in attendance were rooting for the Beavers. OSU led by Salem native and Sprague alumnus Joey Wong beat the Ducks 14-4.

With cupcakes in tow, we went last night to celebrate my son's birthday only to discover they wouldn't allow outside food into the stadium. That was OK, and kind of expected. It would have been nice to sing Happy Birthday in the seats but we made due with the parking lot outside the front gates. If you read this blog regularly, you know that I can be cheap/frugal about buying food in places like movie theaters and ball parks because they charge you an arm and a leg knowing that you have no other options. We ate at home before we left for the game but I was planning on getting a soda and a snack to munch on.

As we walked into the packed stadium I noticed long lines at the concession stands and planned on waiting it out before going up myself. The opportunity came after a big inning by the Beavers to run up and get some sodas and popcorn. When I got to the line it was so long and moving so slow I bailed out after about ten minutes with almost no forward progress. I came to watch a baseball game, not stand in line. The concessions for other foods like burgers and beer were not at all crowded but they weren't selling what I was looking for. So I headed back to my seat, maybe a mobile vendor will come by with something to eat? Only one vendor came to our section selling cotton candy while I was there. Much later, I did eventually brave the line to get a box of popcorn only missing about half an inning of the game.

What bothers me about this the most, is that they take away our food before going into the stadium and don't provide us with an acceptable way to purchase food inside. So I'm faced with missing the game and time with my family if I'm hungry. It seems like they were caught off guard by the sold out crowd and were understaffed to handle everyone's hunger. They should have figured out a way to shift resources and put some of the people in the less busy concession stands in a place to help out the places where the lines were long.

It didn't ruin the night but it was a hassle that caused a bit of unwanted frustration. Next time I am definitely going to figure out a way to sneak some snacks in and not bother with buying anything inside.


Anonymous said...

It was great to see so many people turn out for the game, but it made the lines so long. It was frustratingly slow to get from I-5 to the stadium. I, too, wanted to watch the game, not wait in line for food. It wasn't until we got up to leave early that the peanut mobile vendor finally came by. Some more mobile vendors besides cotton candy would have been nice, maybe popcorn and pop would be nice We ended up going out for dinner after we left, and I'm sure it ended up being much cheaper.

The game didn't turn out like I would have preferred, but it was still nice to see a baseball game in person and I think a few snacks snuck in might make it more enjoyable and cheaper.

Elizabeth said...

I agree that it's ridiculous that they don't let you bring in food and then offer you such poor selection and horrible service. They didn't check the bags very carefully, though - I think that part is just for show. We were able to sneak in a few snacks in the bottom of a back pack. We just grabbed dinner afterward - it was probably better and definitely 500% cheaper!

Anonymous said...

The stadium staff knew that had a sellout over ten days ago. 5,500 tickets were sold.

I had friends wait three innings for a soda.

I noticed some booths just were not open.

Why have that many folks and not staff up to serve them?

I refused to spend any money inside the stadium. I ate before I went in and on the way home.3