Vicarious Diner at Macedonia in the Reed Opera House

  • Dinner downtown sounds like a great idea to me. Saturday 5p. Let's meet up at You're all invited to join in online.
  • Looking forward to dinner tonight in downtown Salem Oregon, follow my tweets at
  • @MelinaTomson You'll have to go to at 5p to see where. Sorry.
  • Hey all! See you in 30 minutes.
  • So nice and sunny in downtown Salem tonight. Vic D here. Hope everyone is great.
  • We are waiting for a table at the 'refreshingly alternative' Macedonia greek restaurant in the Reed Opera House
  • The dinners all look so yummy. Its going to be a difficult choice for the whole party.
  • We ordered 4 fruity italian sodas and some dolmades to start. Gotta love meat wrapped in grape leaves!
  • Looks like we have some Greek combination plates with roast lamb, kabobs or meatballs. They all come with pitas, taziki sauce and spina ...
  • Dolmades were very well done! Not too greasy and oh so tasty.
  • The food stand is sitting next to our table. The entrees are on their way.
  • The pita bread with the meal is SO GOOD!!
  • Everyone but me went for the lamb or lamb kabobs except me. They all say 'good meat'. I got the vegetarian plate.
  • K says 'nice variety'. mmm...its like greak fest! Do we have one or those in Oregon?
  • My mousaka is a new dish for me. Its a casarole with potatoes and eggplant. Its pretty good.
  • The lamb is very tender. J has already inhaled his kabobs.
  • N is finishing off a lonley spinach side that no one claimed.
  • A few of us are trying to decide on some greek pasteries. They ended up with baklava and kaitlaifi.
  • The baklava is a bit chilly but very yummy. It has lots of cinnamon which gives a little kick.
  • The kaitlaifi is warm an full of coconut and nutty goodness.
  • Thanks for eating with us again. I hope you enjoyed the meditereanian flavor at Macedonia. This is Vic D signing out. Happy eating!
  • @eatsalem The parking was fine, a bit early for the dinner crowd. Not busy inside as they just opened at 5pm.
  • @vicariousdiner @eatsalem @OregonNews @thrallz1 @sushikats So many new things to try. Thanks for your suggestions.
  • @vicariousdiner @eatsalem @OregonNews @thrallz1 @sushikats Macedonia is a good greek restaurant, in comparison to the ones I've been to.
  • @MelinaTomson The eggplant was a little mushy, but it was the crust of the mousaka so I thought it was ok.
  • @MelinaTomson @eatsalem Its funny you mention them knowing we were twittering...the super nice waiter thought I was not feeling well...
  • @MelinaTomson @eatsalem He gave me and J some baklava on the house. He was very sweet!

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Anonymous said...

Macedonia's food is great. Their food is tastier than the greek resteraunts in PDX. Check them out.