Sassy Onion: Feeling Unfaithful and Returning to the Bosom of Breakfast

While sorting, shredding and tossing debris from my purse a few days ago, it became clear how often N and I have been eating at Word of Mouth. Not that it's a bad thing, but what about those businesses we're ignoring? Do they miss us? Will they forgive us? Or did they even notice our absence?

Because of this recent realization, we returned to our proverbial "bosom of breakfast" this morning - Sassy Onion. It was still early (pretty amazing for the two of us!), so only half the tables were filled. And to get straight to the point of this post - (click of red shoes) it felt good to be home.
When the pretty, young, blond hostess seated us and handed us our menus, my eye was immediately drawn to the Spring Special sheet - a Portabello, Prosciutto, Parmesan Omelet! {sigh}
Jeremy brought my small carafe of coffee and took our orders. N decided to forego their irresistible French toast and ordered an old favorite "The Original Mess". Me? I went with that Spring omelet.
The light, fluffy eggs combined with the delicate flavors of the sliced portabello mushrooms, parmesan cheese and thin, crisp ribbons of prosciutto, were a delight to my mouth. My hashbrowns (straight edged from the metal spatula on the grill) were crunchy crisp on the outside and tender on the inside. The slightly tangy, thick sliced sourdough bread was toasted just right - not too crunchy, with a light coating of butter.
N said his Original Mess was even better than the last time he had it, with it's tasty combination of hashbrowns, eggs, vegetables, salsa, ham, bacon and cheese.

While it was good to return "home" to Sassy Onion, we don't believe it ranks higher than our other favorites - both new and old. For whatever reason, we hold Sassy Onion close to our hearts/stomachs, and so it's true . . . change (and an occasional return to the old rut) is good!

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