May is National BBQ Month

By Vegan's Nightmare
BBQ season lasts 12 months of the year for me.  Rain, snow, sleet and ice can't keep me away from my passion.  But there's something about May. During the month of May, I tend to fire up the smoker more often than any other month of the year.  The sun finally starts to show itself and the gray drizzle-days of winter begin to fade.  The days are longer, the grass is greener, and there's lots of leaves on the big oak trees to create a cool shade to relax in.  When I look out the window and see all that, I just can't wait to get outside and light a oak-fueled fire.  Yes, May is National BBQ Month indeed.

What I love most about BBQ is that it isn't just about the food.  It's about community.  BBQ is supposed to be shared.  Today, I cooked-up some chicken legs and pork shoulder and enjoyed it with a bunch of great people.  Lounging around in the shade eating slow-cooked chicken and pulled pork sandwiches while the kids play -- to me, that's what BBQ is all about.

So what are you doing to celebrate National BBQ Month?  I hope you've already cleaned up your outdoor cooking equipment and have been actively participating in the festivities.  If you haven't, now's the time.  Fire up that grill or smoker.  Dust off your super-secret rib-rub recipe and put it to work.  Get that chicken perched on a can of beer.  Or maybe you're the kind of foodie that likes to celebrate by having someone else do the cooking.
Whatever the case, I want to hear from you. What's cooking on your back patio and how are you cooking it? Are you grilling or smoking? Do you use gas, charcoal or wood?  If you're going out, where are you going and what's on the menu?

I'm already thinking about celebrating big again next weekend, and I'm pretty sure smoked salmon is in my future.

Serious about BBQ?  Go compete!


Anonymous said...

Heck yes! I think May is the perfect time for BBQ Month, too. My husband and I have been grilling every chance we get, whenever it stops raining long enough.... So these last few warm weekends have been wonderful. We've been to friends' homes for bbqs as well, but we do love to grill. And it's a healthy way to cook just about EVERYTHING (ok.... it CAN be. haha!).

We live in a tiny apartment so our grilling weapon is a tiny propane-powered grill ($20 from WinCo, and it's been grilling strong for four years).

Yesterday I marinated a cornish game gen in beer and limes, butterflied it and grilled it. It was enough for both of us and only $2 for the hen. Yum. This week I'm making chicken burgers for a dinner party we're having: honey-bbq marinated chicken breast, thick strips of bacon, avacado slices, red onion, and chipotle mayo on a crusty bun.

MAN I love summer. Best food ever! And the best way to keep the cooking heat out of the house.

'laina said...

WE LOVE BBQ, and we do it year 'round, too. Let's all exhange recipes, I could use a few new marinade/rub and veggies ideas.

My favorite meat recipe:

Hefeweizen Pork Chops.
-8 chops, I like bone-in.
-A few bottles of beer- enough to cover meat, and one to drink.
-A couple cloves of chopped/minced garlic
-Salt & pepper

Marinate chops in beer and garlic for several hours, if possible. I've done it in 2 and it was still tasty. Here's where I get unPC- do the marinading at room temperature, not in the fridge, the meat fibers open up and take in a lot more flavor. Or don't, that's up to you. :)

Grill for a few minutes per side, until your preferred doneness.

Salt and pepper to taste.

Vegan's Nightmare said...

You are proof that it doesn't take a $500 Traeger to make good BBQ! I've never tried to marinate a game hen in beer, but I gotta try it now, that sounds fantastic! And those chicken burgers sound like something right off a restaurant menu.

Anonymous said...

Vegan's Nightmare.... it is, kind of! I've been ordering a very similar burger every time I've had a company lunch at ol' Applebees lately. It's really tasty and I figured I can make it at home for cheaper!

And I like your $500 Traeger grill comment :) I dont think you can their smallest model for less than $700? Even though our little grill is getting the job done, I would LOVE a serious grill... like one I dont have to crouch down to reach.

Love that Hef Pork Chops recipe... I'll have to try it!