La Perla/ Little Cannoli

We lucked out on the weather for first Wednesday this month. Really lucky, it was gorgeous out there on the downtown streets and the mood was positive as people started to see the light through the cloud cover. This is the beginning of the good weather and good times outdoors for this town.

A great spot to spy in from above on the good times is on the second floor of the Reed Opera house. La Perla Tapatia has tables along a row of windows looking over the intersection of Court St. and Liberty. We went in there tonight to get some of their famous 99 cent tacos and take in the view of pedestrian traffic passing by below. It seemed like every face tonight had a smile including mine when my plate of four carne asada tacos arrived at our table. These are really good but almost too small. Four of them was not enough for my appetite tonight.

Across the street, we listened to an interesting band playing some oldies. There was a crowd gathering and as we walked buy I saw this young kid holding this huge bass guitar. The band is called Demeris and according to the Go Downtown website they range in age from 7 to 13 years old. it's kind of like a real life "School of Rock."

But if you're in the Reed Opera House you are always tempted to walk downstairs and get one of the best treats in town. The Little Cannoli Bakery... do I really need to tell you how great that place is? If you haven't been there yet, just go in there next time you are downtown. It's in the basement of the Reed Opera House. Order a cannoli with pistachios. You'll thank me for suggesting this.

I'm in a good mood and so is Salem. Let's get our summer started already and I'll see you out there.


Rebekah said...

Yum! Two of my favorite places. I especially love La Perla's tamales (when they are available) and Little Cannoli? Well, I like everything there! :)

Elizabeth said...

hungry now. la perla... mmmmmmmm!

h said...

Love both of these places! I've never been disappointed with either. My favorite at Little Cannoli is their macaroons!