Jonathan's on the Move

Jonathan's is now closed

You may have read in the SJ that Jonathan's is moving it's location to the Pacific Building, the same building as La Capitale. This move along with the opening of another restaurant, Sushi Train, will create a sort of downtown food court across the street from the county court house. One of the current managers contacted me about these changes and answered some questions online. Casey Lucas is a managing member of Jonathan's.

Salem Man: Why have you decided to open in a different location?

Casey: We could not come to terms with the current landlord at the old location. An opportunity presented itself at the Pacific building and having the opportunity to be in a "food court" atmosphere was an added benefit.

Salem Man: Will the menu be the same as the older location?

Casey: We will have many of the old favorites from Jonathan's and with our new Executive Chef Stefan Ferte, we will be experimenting with many new and exciting dishes. Stefan has worked at such places as Dan and Louis Oyster Bar and Mother's Bistro, both in Portland. So I am excited to bring someone of his capability down to the Salem market. Chris Rayburn, my kitchen manager has worked for Jonathan's for 23 years, so he is familiar with the past menu and is looking forward to creating new and exciting dishes. One aspect that I am proud of is that we will be serving "Certified Angus Beef," where only 8% of all beef is in this category.

Salem Man: Why do you believe consolidating restaurants will work on that city block?

Casey: Anytime you are able to go to a location and have multiple choices of different cuisines is a win, win for everyone. With the surrounding big business' and state workers within walking distance, what better way for employees and visitors to experience solid independent restaurants.

Salem Man: When do you plan on opening?

Casey: I want to open in July, the sooner the better, but I am also realistic. I know there will be setbacks in putting together the restaurant, that is why I have set a target date for August 1st.

Salem Man: Anything else you'd like to add?

Casey: Having grown up in the Salem area and having spent time away learning the business in a more diverse market I am very excited to come "home" to Oregon and participate in the revitalization of the downtown business district of Salem. The new location will be a fresh new spot with some of the great feel that Jonathan's had in it's prior location. Upstairs we will be installing a mutli-media meeting center to be used for wedding rehearsal dinners, birthdays, business meetings, something which does not exist at the present time in Salem.


KandN said...

So exciting for our downtown and dining scene!

tracylee said...

Any idea where in that building they'll open? I saw something about next to the Elsinore - There's DaVinci on one side, and there was a sandwich place on the other side. Is that still there?

Am I even thinking of the right block? I haven't wandered around downtown in awhile.

Rebekah said...

I'm excited about this, too! I'm really sorry Jonathan's couldn't work it in the old building because I love that place, but this sounds like a really good alternative for them. That block is already pretty cool, but this should really help that block become more of a happening spot. I think it's great that downtown is starting to expand beyond Liberty St.

jeff said...

Is there space between Pita Pit (who I think will benefit from the additional visibility) and La Cap? Or will they go in the old Elsinore Framing ... wait, that's Capitol Dog, isn't it?

There are going to be quite a few alternatives in that block and across the street.

Anonymous said...

Woah, another sushi place across the street from Fuji Rice Time? Ballsy move. ;)

Nah, competition is great for business.

I'm looking forward to Jonathan's being open again, too. Even though it won't be in the cool old building.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what will happen to the cool long bar.

Anonymous said...

I think that Jonathans was pretty lousy the last few times we went. Out of certain entrees, wrong food brought to our table, bad mistake with someone who had food allergy, had told the waitress, and still the food came prepared the wrong way. Getting accused of trying not to pay for the bill...yeah! Mouthy waitress, bad manager, when I called him to complain, he just whined at me that good help is hard to get, but it was his relatives working in there! I wouldn't touch this place with a ten foot pole.

Now the building downtown that has the long bar, I just hope someone with a brain, and good management skills will reopen the front and the back. Maybe a bit of Jazz music, or open mic would be nice...Wine and Jazzzzz

Anonymous said...

I'm going to be giving them a try for sure! I loved the old place, but it sounds like the new place will be even better.
With new managaement and new staff, it can only be better then it has been over the past three years with the previous owners.
Can't wait!!!!