Flight Deck

I'd forgotten that N had never been to Flight Deck, until it came up in one of our conversations this past month. My first meal there took place the year before last when I met a friend from work for a summer lunch . It was a nice experience, especially since we were able to get a table out on the deck. Just thinking about sitting and relaxing with friends at a table outside on a sunny day is bringing on that good old summertime anticipation. :>)
The two of us arrived for our Wednesday dinner on the late side, 7:30, but we received a friendly greeting as soon as we walked in the door. The dining room waiter told us that he didn't have any window tables left, but if we wanted to turn left into the smoke-free lounge there were several available. He let us know that Paul the bartender would take good care of us.
We chose a table with a good view of the runway and lights of Mission. A few minutes after settling in, N looked over and recognized a friend from the department where he used to work. They spent several minutes catching up with each other before we took the time to look over the menu. When we were ready the bartender gave us some helpful advice to aid our decisions. N decided on their Seafood Au Gratin with a twice baked potato and I chose their Toasted Almond Chicken Breast. Both of our entrees were close to $16.25 apiece. I apologize that I forgot to jot that down.

Our green salads and rolls arrived soon after ordering. We had time to continue our visit and finish our salads before our dinners arrived. Great timing!

N praised the Seafood Au Gratin as being full of a variety of seafood, a nice combination of spices, and overall very flavorful and satisfying. My chicken breast was done just right and the almonds were toasted for optimal nutty tastiness. My only complaint (and it has nothing to do with the preparation or quality of the food) is that the dish was too sweet for my palate. The roasted red potatoes were good as well as the side of corn.
The waiter was right--Paul did a great job of tending our dining needs and checking in with us from time to time. There was no lack of entertainment with one wide screen TV playing a basketball game and the other playing Wheel of Fortune, a small passenger plane arriving, and of course, each other.


KandN said...

I forgot to add - Paul the bartender said their salads and sandwiches are popular. Can anyone vouch for that?

tracylee said...

Yes! I've been known to eat dinner salads alone frequently, and I love their sandwiches.

Also, without Paul being there before Barry and Natalie took over, I'd have stopped going. Aside from him, service was terrible under the previous ownership. He and Crystal are the lifeline of the place!

jeff said...

Their soups are usually quite good as well.

tracylee said...

Oh yeah, the soups are home-made, most using Natalie's mother's recipes.

Same for the Creamy Italian Salad Dressing. It's so good that I've bought containers to take home!

KandN said...

Good homemade soup at a restaurant is becoming a rarity. N loves good soup, he seems to have built in radar for detecting (and then avoiding) a base or mix.

Salem Dinner Table said...

Where I work we make homemade from scratch soup daily. We have a passion for making soup and if I don't mind saying so myself it's pretty darn good. We have become so well known for our soups that we often joke about opening a soup kitchen (like) restaurant in Salem. The Thai soup I made yesterday took me 4 hours to make! I had to make the stock, then debone/shred the whole chicken, etc. Well worth the effort. I could live on soup. We also make all of our 6 dressings from scratch.

KandN said...

Now wouldn't that be a great addition to that food block downtown - where the new Jonathan's will be?
"Queen of Soups" :>)

tracylee said...

E-mail from Natalie at the Flight Deck this morning:

Effective Monday, February 1, 2010 our new hours will be:
Monday through Friday - 11am to 9pm
Saturday & Sunday - 8am to 9pm

Flight Deck is discontinuing breakfast service Monday through Friday. We will still serve our regular breakfast menu on Saturday and Sunday. We appreciate your patronage and your patience. Thank you!