Visit the Easter Bunny and Friends!

For a current listing of restaurants open on Easter click here.

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Here's an Easter idea for those of us with young children and those who are young at heart. There's a park in SE Salem called Woodmansee Park off of Sunnyside Rd. across the way from Winco. In the back of the park behind the play structure to the right is an area of bushes where dozens of rabbits have colonized. For years, people have brought vegetables and left them out for the small furry animals to munch on. Walk along the trail and peek into the bushes and you should be able to spy several of the timid creatures as they greet you expecting a handout of food. I don't recommend bringing a dog with you on this trail as the rabbits will stay hidden if they sense a predator nearby. Happy Easter and leave a comment in the section below.
If your looking for a place to eat on Easter, here's a link to restaurants that are open on Sunday.


KandN said...

Happy Easter to you, too!
One of these days we'll have to leave the dogs at home and venture over to the bunny park. Those little bunnies are so cute! Once in awhile we'll see one at Minto Brown - if we're lucky.

tracylee said...

We saw two bunnies at Minto yesterday, as well as two chipmunks.

Anonymous said...

I have a beagle who loves Woodmansee, the smell of the bunnies drive her nuts. Sometimes we see them but not to often probably thanks to her.