A Taste of the Deschutes

By Salem Man

It was a sunny afternoon in Tumalo Oregon at my favorite fishing spot along the Deschutes river Saturday. I was alone and hopping along some wet rocks when when I lost my footing and took a splash into the chilling water. It was deeper then I thought. My head was the only part of my body that was above water. In fact, I got a mouthful of water as I fell in. I don't remember it tasting all that bad but I do remember my first thought was that I had the eatsalem.com camera in the pocket of my fishing vest. The shore was within reach and I pulled myself out before I was swept too far downstream. You know how they say your life passes before you when you are at a moment of crisis. Well, I began thinking about the thousands of pictures that were taken on that camera. A lot of them were covert shots of local restaurant food, most of them were candid family photos and many more shots of my family eating at local restaurants. Everything I was wearing was soaked. So I took off the vest pulled out the camera, took the batteries out and set it and my vest on a rock to dry and went back to fishing, hoping for the occasional sun break to dry me out. I never did dry or catch any fish but I still enjoyed the the day thinking about what kind of camera I was going to buy next. A digital SLR would be my preference. Not stealthy but great for getting a nice clean image. I didn't give up on drying the camera though. When I took it inside, my wife took a blow dryer to it and afterward we set it over a heating vent to evaporate any of the moisture that might short out the electronic components. The next morning, I put the batteries back in and was able to take a fuzzy picture of our Easter egg hunt. With nothing to lose, I put the camera back on the vent for another couple of hours before starting it up again. The blast of dry, hot air seemed to work. Each time I attempted to start the camera, the picture quality got better and better. If you'd believe this, the above picture of the Deschutes river was taken a day after I fell in. So I'm back in business and will be getting shots inside local restaurants soon. See you out there.


Vegan's Nightmare said...

Technology is amazing!

And, did you catch anything you need me to smoke?

KandN said...

I remember a story on NPR about whether it was safe to put your computer keyboard in the dishwasher http://tinyurl.com/cvovbo
I heard it after N's cell phone went through the washer. I did a similar process (what you did with your camera) to his phone and it worked . . . and then quit. Guess I needed to dry it for a longer period of time.

tracylee said...

I had an answering machine I dropped wine on. It quit until I accidentally spilled more wine on it! Just a silent plea for more wine.

KandN said...

Hahaha! Tracylee, Seriously? That's hilarious!