Red Ginger, Pan Pacific Rim Fusion Cuisine

By Scott Sadler

The Red Ginger restaurant is located on River Road N. in the old Caruso’s building. The owner, Boo Chanthavong, has designed and revamped the kitchen and the dishes on the menu are modeled after her family's recipes. The atmosphere is chic Asian design. The menu has excellent variety and the service was great.
We started with an appetizer of lettuce wraps. These are build your own, with filling on the side and fresh lettuce leaves. The filling was made with ground chicken, bell peppers, water chestnuts, and onion. It was served with a homemade tangy plum sauce. We crave these from time to time since we have eaten there. They were fresh, light and very flavorful.

My wife had the Pineapple Fried Rice. It was delicious, with subtle flavors of curry and chock full of pineapple, raisins, carrots, egg, and onions. This was one of the biggest hits at the table.
I had my standard Pad Kee Maow (Drunken Noodles) extra spicy with shrimp. I love fresh basil and find that too many places over use it in the dishes. This was not the case here. The noodles were perfect, with just the right amount of vegetables in the dish. The presentations were fantastic on all the plates. It was apparent the kitchen put some thought into the way the plates were prepared.
My Mom had the Pad Kra Praw which came with chicken, chili peppers, bamboo shoots, peas, and basil leaves. Her husband had the Pad Kra Tiem (Garlic stir fry) and was similar to my Mom’s dish with no basil; add garlic, and baby corn.
Dessert in an Asian restaurant is usually limited. We had two, the Fried Yam and Honey and the Mango sticky rice. The Yam was wonderful! The sticky rice was good and different, but not something I would order again. I just did not care for the consistency.

This is one of those “I had no idea that place was there” places. After you find it you will soon be back! It is open for lunch and dinner and the prices for the portions and presentation were excellent. Perfect for date night, or just a quick bite during or after work. The next time you crave Asian Cuisine, remember the Red Ginger.


Anonymous said...

Red Ginger is fantastic! My husband and I just moved to the area a few months ago, and Red Ginger has been- by far- our favorite area dining experience. Excellent food and superior service. In fact, we are more pleased with many of the dishes we've tried there (panang tofu curry!) than at some of the upscale Thai restaurants in DC that we used to visit.

We tell anyone we can to go there, and we strongly concur with this review: Once you go, you will go back.

KandN said...

I can't wait to try this place! And now I know what to order!

karens82 said...

I ate at Red Ginger this weekend and feel as though signature thai dishes were missing some very important flavors. Overall the food was disappointing and each of my favorite dishes were missing a key ingredient and seemed greasy. The biggest disappointments of the night were the Tom Kha Gai (where was the lime and galangal) and Pad See Ew (greasy and flavorless). I had been waiting quite some time to try Red Ginger, and I must say it was not good-Thai Beer or Thai Orchid are much more on the mark.

Anonymous said...

What?? Thai Beer?? I guess if you like the taste of heavy fish sauce, that is a vaild opinion. Thai Orchid has good food, however I don't enjoy waiting for an hour to be seated and served every time.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion Thai Orchid's service is so bad (slow, inconsistent)that it is hard to enjoy their food. Thai Orchid is not tradtional Thai food by any means. Red Ginger isn't much better. Glorified Chinese food is what I call it. Keizer has no unique or orginal thai food to speak of. When I want real Thai, I take a drive North.

Anonymous said...

Thai Orchid is gross!

Jess2Impress said...

This place is awesome!

ALISSA P. said...