Cleaning out the bottom of the bug zapper

Here are some more rejected comments for your enjoyment.

*********** is a great restaurant! Vegetarians suck and if u dont like the way people make re-fried beans, then stay at home! just because u dont like meat doesnt mean the world has to accomodate u idiots! ur eating all of our plants that help us breath! at least we can produce more animals ! but ur eating our earth! restaurants arent gonna stop carrying tomatoes because i dont like them! suck on a fat one ! bye !
AND LARD RULEZ! ----------------------------------------------------
The owner and wife are drunks and love to fight.
What a shit hole, I know the local health inspector and as anyone would guess, they fluncked twice in a row. Not great, but I gotta say damn bring me some more of that home made toast! Disgusting as it may be, never got sick, and it's great food.
I can't say (publicly) how I know this, but TRUST ME there is not one clean spot in this place! I love good food as much as anybody, but I swear to you people, if you spent 5 minutes observing the goings on in the back kitchen area of ************* you'd gag, walk out and never look back! Don't believe me? Take a good look inside (don't eat). The guy refuses to refrigerate his eggs! They're in an empty room on the end of the buiding... I wonder how hot THAT gets in the summer...
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KandN said...

No matter how many times I read these, they still make me laugh -- AND roll my eyes! Thanks, Salem Man!

Vegan's Nightmare said...

What's wrong with "LARD RULEZ"?

I mean, it really does.

tracylee said...

I think it might have been OK on it's own, but with the rest of the nonsense - ummmm. no. And as Emeril always says, it's Pork Fat Rules!