West Side Wine Store

By KandN&L-

I always appreciate a friendly greeting as soon as I enter an establishment. And when Liseanne and I walked into the West Side Wine Store, that's the first thing we heard from Jess, one of the owners. As we browsed the variety of wine on their shelves, he came over to ask if we needed help finding something or if he could answer any questions. It's good to feel welcome.

Jess said that he plans on continuing to add shelves for more wine and a fridge for Willamette Valley Cheese. One corner shelf was devoted entirely to wines in the $4-10, range. On their website they list 39 wineries they sell from in their shop. They are a wine shop specializing in Oregon wines, with a few exceptions on the $4-10 shelf. Jess told us they plan on adding a calendar on their website to promote their special tastings, guest winemakers as well as sake and wine appreciation classes.

The two of us enjoyed the friendly chatter and a tasting of the seven featured wines. We also tasted a sample of the "wine fudge"(made with Silver Falls Vineyards- Silver Mist Chocolate) along with the pinot noir. Sunday's tasting included wines from Witness Tree, Elemental and Silver Falls Vineyards. Since Lise and I ended up purchasing wine, cheese and fudge, our tasting was complimentary. There is a small fee for tasting without purchase.
It's nice to see west siders continuing to get more options on their side of the Willamette.
West Side Wine Store
Closed Monday
11am - 6pm Tue-Sat
12-5pm Sunday
503.763.WINE (9463)

550 Taggart Rd NW Suite 110D
Salem, OR 97304

*One Block behind Walgreens on Taggart Dr (not in the same parking lot as Walgreens, one block back next to Alibi's)


Salem Dinner Table said...

What kind of cheese did you get? Willamette Valley Cheese Co. also has a booth at the Salem Saturday Market. They always have samples out and a board w/ the varieties available that day. They recently won Best of Class for their Perrydale variety of farmstead cheeses at the U.S. Championship Cheese Contest in Green Bay, Wis.

KandN said...

If I remember right, we bought some cumin gouda and some smoked gouda. :>) I love their cheese!

Salem Dinner Table said...

Have you ever had Safeway's horseradish cheddar? It's a white sliced cheddar, great on sandwiches, esp w/ ham.

Anonymous said...

No, I haven't. Sounds good though! I can't remember the last time I was in a Safeway. Not by design, it's just not as convenient as some others.

Bekah and Karlitos said...

The West Side Wine Store has been great! They have been more than willing to try and get any wine that is distributed in Oregon in our hands ASAP. Almost all the imports that I've bought lately have been from their store, as they price fairly. They don't seem to mind an occasional rug-rat in tow. All around, they are willing to seek input from the customer to determine what goes on the shelf.

Anonymous said...

Cheese is too over priced, way over.

KandN said...

Groupon for Westside Wine Store wine tasting class, Dec. 21