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I never thought I would be someone who is active in an online social network and I used to laugh about the idea of people twittering there personal messages into cyberspace for all to read. But, I changed my mind after opening my mind a little bit. For the twitter iliterate, here is what you need to know.  Twitter is basically an online community of people communicating in short messages. You're only allowed to write 140 characters at a time. When you sign up, Twitter goes through your email contacts and finds people who Twitter from that list. You'll be surprised how many people you know are already doing it. Once you're signed in go ahead and type a message. You can also search for people to "follow." Put in "eatsalem" and you will find my twitter. If you click on "follow" you will receive the messages that I twitter. Once you start following other twitterers, they will start following you, especially if you have interesting messages. Originally, I signed on to this hoping to promote by linking to my site but I discovered that it works best to just casually converse. People will figure out that you have a blog or business in your conversations. The other thing that I discovered is I can put Twitter feeds onto A perfect fit for restaurants to advertise daily specials. Right now there are several restaurants in town that are twittering and I expect more to come. I'll put links to the restaurant twitters below this post. is looking into ways to continue to use this technology to enhance your reading experience so stay tuned for some twittering fun right here online. By the way, if you decide you don't like it or don't want to do it, it is easy to delete the account. I've deleted another account awhile back without problem. Not joining twitter will in no way lessen your enjoyment of reading See you in the twittisphere.(Someone stop me from saying things like that.)


Anonymous said...

I love twitter! Endlessly entertaining.

AMY said...

For those who are still asking, "Why Twitter?" check this out!