The Bread Board Offers Old World Sourdough.

Reviewed by Scott Sadler

OK, so this is not a restaurant, I know. What it is, is an excellent opportunity to have a true food experience. I love it when a food artist creates for the sake of creating. Keith and John have been perfecting the Artisan bread they make for the past several years and now are serving a small but loyal following. It was our first trip to their house, in Falls City, where they bake weekly in the gorgeous wood fired brick oven. It was more than worth the drive.

Here was the offering last week:

Country Sourdough (wheat) $3

Pumpkin Seed Sourdough $5
(Pumpkin seeds toasted with soy sauce)

Garlic, Rosemary Sourdough $4

Orange, Apricot and Pecan Sticky Bun $5

Cream Scones: Chocolate, Oats and Walnuts $2.50

We were impressed with the care that goes into each loaf, the breads are all mixed by hand. They use flours grown and milled in the Northwest and their own wild-yeast sourdough starters. Everything is hand mixed, rolled and scored. They build a fire in the oven (and I do mean in it) a couple of days before they are to bake. Then they remove the fire and discard it, and replace it with the bread dough. The oven can exceed 500 degrees.

We tasted all the bread in a tasting area they had set up, and ended up purchasing one of each, and two huge scones from a beautifully displayed kitchen. You will be hard pressed to beat the scones. Not to sweet, and bursting with flavors. It was moist enough but not to much. We split one of these with black coffee in the car on the way home and were in heaven!

The variety changes but they always have the Country Sourdough. We had grilled cheese on the Garlic Rosemary Sourdough when we got home. Do I really need to tell you how good it was? Best ever for me. The Orange and Pecan sticky bun is the perfect brunch, or company coming to visit bread. People will be impressed and asking about it.

They are going to be at the Independence Farmers Market all summer starting April 4th and for now that is the best way to buy direct. They take pre-orders and will have it ready at the market if you get on the email list. Currently you can visit them at their house on Sundays and buy if you contact them first.

This is not going to be a secret for long. I am planning on pre-ordering for the Summer!

Contact Information:

Keith and John



Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting.

Do you just show up on Sundays?

My recommendation to the bread makers is to get their bread sold at Life Source in Salem. That is currently the best place to buy fine bread in Salem.

Coach Sadler said...

Call then for instructions about picking up bread. They are getting busy and looking to change the way they serve customers. They are very accomodating so give 'em a call!


Shauna Williams said...

I picked up an order today in Salem. I tried 3 different breads and 2 kinds of scones. LOVED them all. Will be offering my family members the same the hook them. Also, how great that if you join the mailing list they will send you a menu for that weeks pickup in the area. Can't wait till the 25th to pick up some more goodies!

Anonymous said...

They have a booth at the Salem Saturday Market. This past Saturday I personally purchased a loaf of the Orange, Apricot and Pecan Sticky Bun loaf made w/ a sourdough base. It was so good and chewy. I can't wait to try another flavor next Saturday. The guys that run this place are very nice and friendly.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love this bread! First tasted a sample last summer at the Wednesday market and ended up trying to get there almost every week for another loaf. Delicious! Worth the money!