19th at Battle Creek Clubhouse & Grill

Review by Vegan's Nightmare:  I love exploring new places for lunch.  In the past few months, I've paid a little more attention to the local places I have all around me and have tried to keep a better lookout for new restaurants as they open up.  A couple of months ago, I spotted the "19th at Battle Creek Clubhouse and Grill" that opened up in the recently constructed retail center on South Commercial St. (right next to the new drive-thru Subway).  The interior of the restaurant is shaped like a U, with the dining area with about 8 tables/booths on the left, the bar-dining area with pool table on the right, and the bar/kitchen in the middle, separating the two.  There's also a small segmented lottery area at the bottom of the U just off of the connecting walkway.  In a past life of Oregon, this configuration would definitely NOT be sufficient for the separation of smokers in the bar and non-smokers in the restaurant, but thankfully I don't have to worry about that anymore.
My companion and I chose to sit in the bar where there was more light from the additional windows.  We were greeted cheerfully by a woman who introduced the specials of the day -- Chicken Caeser Wrap with fries for $7.99, and Potato Bacon Cheese soup.  Both sounded good, and I decided before we went in that I was going to try whatever their special was (within reason of course, liver and onions would have been a tough sell on me).  So I ordered the Wrap with a cup of soup instead of fries, while my companion ordered the cheeseburger and fries.  While we waited, we saw a fellow sitting at the bar receive his order of a cheeseburger and fries, and WOW, it really looked good.  I contemplated negotiating a trade of half a wrap for half a cheeseburger when they came.  Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance.  I wasn't timing it, but it seemed like it took a little longer than usual for us to get our meals -- we weren't in any particular hurry so it wasn't a problem.  Our cheerful server arrived and placed two orders in front of us --both were Chicken Caeser Wrap with fries.  Hmm... we politely informed her that there was an error, but we were both hungry and the wrap looked pretty dang good, so my companion said he'd happily eat that in place of his cheeseburger.  She was extremely embarrassed and apologetic and hustled back to the kitchen and returned with the missing cup of soup I ordered in place of the fries.

 The chicken wrap was delicious with just the right amount of dressing.  The steak fries were seasoned perfectly, and cooked slightly crispy -- I wish more places would cook them that way (I'm looking at you Red Robin).  I'm not a big soup fan, but I know good soup when I taste it, and unfortunately, this wasn't it.  The consistency was that of pureed potatoes and cream, with chunks of potatoes, a couple of small pieces of bacon, and I don't recall tasting any cheese.  Some people might like it that way, but I didn't finish it.  However, there was no sign of the wrap when I was through with my lunch.  That alone made it worth the trip.
Our server provided us with smiling and attentive service, and did us right by ignoring our protest and giving us our meal for free to make up for the error.  Aside from the soup, Battle Creek's good food and friendly service has guaranteed a repeat visit from at least two customers.


jeff said...

I wonder if they are actually associated with the restaurant that used to be at the Battle Creek Golf Course?

Harold said...

Good review. I like how they handled the mistake too, by working to keep you happy. Too bad they didn't get that soup right. I am a soup person and love a good soup.

You're dead on about the crispy fries. I've gotten into the habit of asking that my fries be crispy.

Anonymous said...

This is a great, clean little bar & grill with a cozy neighborhood feel. The sliders on the appetizer menu are delicious. I especially like the Wahoo fish they use in their menu items.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I went in on a spontaneous late-night date Friday night. It was about 11:45. We're a few years out of the early-20-somethings crowd, so it was unusual for us to actually be leaving the house at that hour instead of coming home. Ha. We chose this place because a friend said he'd been in to watch a game early a few weekends back and had a great Bloody Mary. We ordered a gin and tonic and a Greyhound, and our receipt said $7.50! If that is correct, those are some cheap drinks. Drinks were ok -- I can't stand canned grapefruit juice, but I can't expect every place to keep fresh on hand. Sounds like we'll have to try their food sometime!

Chuck Bradley said...

I really wanted to like this place. No can do! When it was the clubhouse at the, now defunct, Battlecreek Golf Course, it was a decent spot for lunch and dinner. The server today reminded me of "Lydia" that Groucho Marx used to sing about. My signature "let's see how they do" order is a Reuben sandwich with specific instructions to drain the kraut well. The cook gets a 2 out of 5 on this. Also, the Swiss cheese was processed. You expect processed cheese on a 99 cent cheeseburger at the golden arches, but not on a $9 Reuben! At first I thought the rye bread was slathered with mayo. That's what it looked like. Then, when I was finishing my meal, two workmen walked up to my table and asked me to move so they could work on a wall mounted television nearby. I thought this was beyond the pale. I will leave the patronage of this place to others in the future.