The Worst Rejected Comments Yet!

Here's the latest round of rejected comments. These are the most mean spirited that I have seen so far. If you have questions about why they were left off the blog, leave a response in the comment section and I'll respond directly to your inquiry.  

The pizza is bad and the people that work there are puck kids that talk about pot. Dont eat here.
    (Anonymous)     2/8/09

      The service is bad and the...this place is horrible. The service is bad and the food gave me and my wife the shits. Dont eat here I say again Dont eat here.
    (Anonymous)     2/8/09

      I dont know what you all are talking about. I like ********* and ********** and i really dont think everything is the same. very well done food great tasting and big portion sized food i know that when i get carne asada burritos they all taste amazing and different each place. i dont think 3 times is enough times to try a place out. you have only ordered a few things. it depends on what you get and if it meets your taste. just like the chicken enchiladas i dont like them because the chicken seems dry but obvisouly its like that so people dont get sick so try some more things on the menu. i have not gotten sick from eating at any of those places never and i eat mexican food a lot! they probably spit in your food or something cuz you were being a dick or something. or you just cant handle the goodness of mexican food! i was actually dissapointed that ********* moved outta my town so now i have to travel to eat there but its always worth it! its amazing! kudos to ********, ********, and **********!!
    (Anonymous)     2/8/09

      i thin the salem in west salem is the best in all three i wont eat anywere else then there.and for some people who talk bad about the restaurant they can go to a fast white trash restaurant jajaja punks
    (Anonymous)     2/5/09

      ********* I think is still a veryyy nice place to eat, buttt now ******** owns it, and he is a HUGE JERK, and whoever was talking about that lady who came to your table? That's probably his daughter and I wouldn't be the least bit surprised that she was rude, because she is very rude, I had a similar experience. But on the other hand, I have been in recently, and they have a lot of new, cute and nice waitress', and the food has gotten better. But when it comes to the owners they are jerks, but the food is a lot better, and the service I would give about a 4 star, especially for the new faces they have in there!!
    (Anonymous)     1/19/09

      After seeing that interview on the news about the guy that found an organ in the meat.. i will never heat ther again.. took me days to get over that.. GROSS
    (Ralene)     1/19/09

      The servers name is ********. He is a HORRIBLE server. He will not wait on you if he doesn't think you have money. He a pain in the A$$ to work with. He's lazy and very rude. There has never been any use complaining about him because he's "buddys" with the owners son. The one that workks and drinks behind the bar because "the laws don't apply to him" he also doesn't have a liquor license. ********* and ********* are very of their horrible service...and THEY DON'T CARE. ******* will even tell you that.
(Anonymous)     1/17/09

      I recently visited *******(was dragged in, actually) and noted another Failed Health Inspection notice on their front door. Nice first impression. This place is routinely stinky and poorly cleaned. I have witnessed an employee using the restroom and then walking straight out without washing his hands. I have witnessed a cook at the stir-fry grill drop a utensil, lightly wash it off in the sink and immediately resume using it. We had piles of food under the table we were seated at and the food was, as usual, largely inedible and bland. 99% of the chicken dishes I've attempted to eat has been stringy, tough and have stuck painfully between my teeth. Asking for a refill on our drinks resulted in a pair of 3/4 filled cups and a fair amount of water sloshed onto the table with no wipe-up. After we finished eating we sat around for about 5 minutes with empty plates and cups, waiting for a bill so we could go. We finally ended up just walking up to the counter to pay. This place hasn't gotten any better since it opened, I've been there at least 20 times by now, mostly due to other's desire to fill their bellies with substandard Chinese cuisine. I will NOT go back to ****** on my own in the future.
    (Anonymous)     1/13/09

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Anonymous said...

Oh God....these are sooo funny. Thanks for a good laugh. And the funniest thing is, you can figure out which places they are writing about. Ha Ha Ha