Word of Mouth Opens for Dinner

Update 2/10/09
The following is a cut and paste from the Word of Mouth Email.

So after our first night, a few changes.  We will be open until 9pm Sunday-Thursday nights.  We will gladly stay open until 10pm once the business demands.  We will stay open until 10pm on Friday and Saturday nights.  Menu changes: We are going to do an extended lunch menu with some added appetizers at night.    At this point, with the economy- we feel the demand for PM is smaller meals, and/or appetizers.  We want to be that place where you have a glass of wine with an appetizer or two in front of the fireplace. (or outside in the courtyard when its warm)

I modified the post below with updated info and deleted a comment with a cut and paste from their email. Sorry m2d.

In just a couple of months, Word Of Mouth Neighborhood Bistro is attracting enough customers to fill the place from open to close and are now expanding hours to serve a dinner crowd. As the name of the restaurant suggests, people are talking about this place all over town and customers are returning. We sat in the front of the restaurant this time, for lunch, and couldn't help but overhear comments from hungry patrons rave about the food and atmosphere. With this rapid growth in customer base, I expect dinner will catch on as well. The owner tells me they have grown from two employees to ten and may be adding more, now that they will be open until 10pm on Friday and Saturday nights. Pictured here is the Chopped Chicken Salad $6.95 and a Cheeseburger $6.50.


Anonymous said...

How about a couple more vegetarian choices?

I'd like to see Steve cook up a dish with Tofu.

Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed that they are aren't going to give the full dinner menu a shot after only one night. We went opening night for dinner and it was wonderful. We tried the fish and chips, which were great. And a friend had the Chicken Scallopini, which she raved about. Smaller items are great, but they should still have some full dinner options too!

Anonymous said...

After seeing the online reviews touting WOM as one of the best new dining experiences to hit Salem in a long time my Girlfriend and I decided to try it out on one of our weekly datenights.

After entering the restaurant we decided to sit at the bar because the good room ( the room in the back that has the comfortable seating was full we were told - but it was not, the front seating area is a kin to an old amish church with very uncomfortable chairs).

My Girlfriend ordered the spinach salad with cauliflower soup. The soup was very good and the salad was also good but somewhat expensive for a salad with no meat in it.

I first ordered the Turkey Bruschetta which was mainly brushetta with probably one slice of turkey. I was unaware that brushetta consisted mainly of onions and garlic. I do not like onions so I asked for something else. Becky the bartender was very nice about replacing my order but also mentioned that other customers had the same complaint. I wonder why this is not on the menu? So I ordered the French Dip hoping for something better. This was not the case. I have had better french dips at Arbys, and for half the price. The bread was tough and kinda stale. There was very little meat for a sandwich that cost almost nine bucks, I mean maybe two slices of meat!!! And it came with very little dipping juice because they just ran out!! This all happened on a Wednesday night, maybe another night is better?

I will be surprised if this comment makes it on the website considering the massive ego massaging involved here with all these effusive comments posted.

Dsperin said...

I finally got the chance to eat here this past Saturday. It was around 1130am, and not too crowded, so I was stoked.

When I walked in I immediately felt uncomfortable. There were two parties (totalling 5 people)waiting on the benches to the right. Despite the fact that we were standing (cramped) in front of the door, they just sat there at the very end of the bench instead of sliding down to make room for others. Luckily, the waitress came around in about 5 minutes to take them to their tables. (This isn't really about the restaurant, but how rude other patrons can be).

Anyway, so the menu looked amazing, but nothing really popped at me because I was in one of those "I'm hungry but nothing sounds good" moods.

I finally decided on the Turkey Rachel, but when I asked the waitress if if was good she said, "Eh.. um, some people like it. I like the (named something else) and the BLT is always good." I was a little dissapointed with that response, but I ordered it anyway because coleslaw on a grilled sandwich sounded really good. Ultimately I found the sandwich to be pretty flavorless. The coleslaw was bland, but the bread was yummy. The side salad was a side salad.

My brother ordered the Creme Brulee french toast. Nobody was too impressed, as the sugar topping was like candy (yes, I know--crem brulee). I just thought it was much to sweet.

My boyfriend ordered the chicken fried steak, which tasted ok, but wasn't very appealing to the eye.

My brother and I also shared a biscuit and gravy, and I have to say that this was the best part. In retrospect, I should have had a full order of these instead of the sandwich.

The service was alright. She didn't come around much, but she wasn't unpleasant. When we were walking to the car she came running after us because I had less my sunglasses on the table. So that was nice.

I'll try it again, I guess.