Roxxy Opens Jonathans Closes

Do you plan on going to downtown to the new Roxxy Night Club that took over the location vacated by Lefty's on State St? Sounds like a new and improved version of the blues bar which is in a great location with terrible parking. An infusion of fresh ideas and enthusiastic owners might make this place a success again. How about checking them out on Valentine's Day?

Kudo's to the SJ for being on top of the Jonathan's bankruptcy story. Here's a link to their article about the troubled restaurant. Let's hope someone can see the potential in that location and make a go of it again. These two stories remind me of the phrase "one step forward, two (actually only one) steps back." Holding steady in this economy is about all we can hope for. Local restaurants are trying to stay afloat while fast food chains continue to attract more customers with low price meal deals. Property taxes are due on Saturday but maybe this weekend would be a good time to chow down at a local eatery. we should be thinking about the phrase "one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind (Salem)."


RedCrownReview said...


i honestly couldn't wait for someone else to occupy the left's venue.

with jonathan's closing, i wonder what local restaurant will upgrade to a larger downtown spot (with parking).

riggity said...

Unfortunately, the pizza at Roxxy leaves a lot to be desired. Ate there today and was not at all happy with it.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I went to Roxxy's recently and had a terrible experience. We waited 30 minutes for someone to take our order (they were not busy and had six scantily clad waitresses working, most of whom seemed too busy socializing around the bar to bother with us). The food, once it finally arrived another 30 minutes later, was mediocre. We were never asked if we wanted more drinks. Our waitress then disappeared after she dropped the bill. After waiting for 20 more minutes, we got up and paid at the counter. With service that bad, I don't expect they will last long.

Anonymous said...

im not suprized you had such a bad experience, the new owner of the roxxy is an ex stripclub manager jeff schutt, he has no experience with customer service and running a productive waitressing staff. further more the strip clubs that he over saw(christies cabaret) all had dropped in sales while he was in charge. I know because I worked for him.

Anonymous said...

The landlord where Jonathan's was wants $8k a month in lease payments. Hey that is ok if you are a corporate steakhouse but that is insane for an independently owned restaurant.

The reason the independent restaurants are struggling, is because the out-of-town land lords want to charge big city rates in a mid size city. All of that takes a bite out of small business's ability to hire more people or give current staff a raise.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they definitely need to be more attentive. I was in there at 3pm on a weekday and felt like I interrupted an employee social event. Nice cold beer though..

Anonymous said...

Roxxy is only four months old and yet a new owner has arrived, who is this new owner you might ask.... No other than "Ollie Zeek" Founder of Moonbakers! Salem's first real dance club, eatery.

Ollie is no stranger to the business and is sure to make Roxxy a BIG HIT in Salem. Swing by during lunch for a Large Slice of Pizza, and Soda for only $2.50 Or try one of the Beers on Tap for an additional charge.

Roxxy has added Live DJ's to the roster on Friday and Saturday to complete the live entertainment that gave Roxxy its new name, "ROXXY LIVE"

Come by and see the NEW faces, and new Attitude!

KandN said...

I was sad to see in the SJ this morning that Roxxy Live has closed--Ultra Six Lounge, too.

Lise M said...

Wait, seriously? I thought I heard earlier this week that Ultra Six Lounge was going to start having live music. I thought there was just a change in ownership? And the pub crawl...isn't it going there tonight?
Sad about the Roxxy. I really wanted to go there, never got my chance.

Anonymous said...

Six Ultra Lounge, 248 Liberty Street NE, Salem; will surrender the liquor license either on Dec. 21,
2009 or on the date the business is sold, whichever comes first. The licensee is Six, LLC; Spencer
Emmons, managing member. The licensee incurred five violations: history of serious and
persistent problems involving disturbances, lewd or unlawful activities; managing member under
the influence of intoxicants while on duty; permitting an employee to sell, mix or serve alcoholic
beverages or supervise those who do without a valid service permit; permitting disorderly activities
and failure to evict patrons when they engaged in noisy, disorderly or unlawful activities.

Anonymous said...

the owner of the Six, Spencer Emmons was killed in a car accident in Florida on Friday December 11, 2009. he will be missed by many. RIP Spencer!

Anonymous said...

In regard to Lefty's, Roxxy, Roxx; I have a great new business plan for the space. Let's stick with using exactly the same format over and over again regardless of the repeated failure of said plan. Using creativity into reworking a cool space in a cool location is clearly out of the question. It's gotta work this time, right?

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Anonymous said...

Not much for photos on those sites IMO