Corn Flake Giveaway

Winco is selling Corn Flakes and Frosted Flakes with Olympic swimming champion Michael Phelps on the box for $.98. It must be a huge discounted rate to get rid of the Phelps inventory. We all know what happened to the 14 time gold medalist in recent days and I don't really want to take a side one way or another on this controversy. It just seems like those boxes will be selling like hot cakes to people looking to get a deal or thinking someday the cardboard container might be a collectors item. I bought two boxes before thinking about whether my two young kids might ask me questions about it. I'll just tell them that I'm cheap/frugal. I wonder what they're doing about the free poster.


KandN said...

Could you tell if they were a hot item?

Anonymous said...

That's Great Now when I get the Munchies It wont cost as much!

Salem Man said...

K, they were in the "tunnel of deals" area that they force you to walk through in the front of the store. I wasn't checking if anyone else had boxes in their cart.

Anonymous said...

I think of myself as a law abiding citizen. I have raised three step children, and two children of my own. I have never got anything worse than a speeding ticket, when I was 18.

By the way...I turn 52 on March 7th. I have been married to the same man for 32 years. Lean times, hard times, good times. I wouldn't trade it for all the tea in China.

Now...this kid Phelps, I don't give a you-know-what. So he blew off a bit of steam, and smoked some dope. Big deal. I think it's time to legalize it anyway.

I do not smoke grass by the way. I do not even take over the counter pain killers. I do drink red wine however. A glass a day.

I would worry more, if this kid smoked cigarettes. I have had too many people I love die from lung cancer. It's a wicked way to go. But I guess it's ok, because big business has bought out the government on it being legal.

How many movies, or videos have the heart throbs smoking cigarettes? No one takes away their Kellogs contracts!

I cannot believe such a big deal of this kid having a bit of weed....get a life. And....I won't be buying anymore Kelloggs cereal.