Big Brother Bikini Barista Returns to Salem Store

The Bikini Coffee Co. on Mission St. was advertising the return of Natalie the former Big Brother contestant who once worked at that store. It's probably my duty as the Eat Salem blogger to drive up to the window and get a cup and maybe a photo, but there's a multitude of reasons why I didn't. Mainly, I don't really need to complicate my Valentine's situation by posting pictures of scantily clad women on my blog. The interesting thing about the Bikini Barista is that the post that I wrote about it before is probably the all time most read post on this blog. And if you search the internets, there are thousands of other postings about the now famous Salem coffee stand. The one time I did drive up to get a cup of Joe, I was spotted by a friend driving by who later had a good laugh at my expense.

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Anonymous said...

I haven't had the pleasure of meeting the bikini barista. Wonder what she'll do if I hand her a bunch of wholesale clothes, though.