WNC Too, Sneak Peak

I just got a behind the scenes tour of Willamette Noodle Company's second kitchen and dining room opening soon in downtown at the location formerly occupied by The Arbor Cafe. It's actually going to be their main kitchen. Believe it or not, that spot on High St. has a much larger kitchen then their original store and there is an additional area set aside for doing prep work for both stores. The new dining room seats fifty people but will still have the quaint feeling of a small mom and pop shop. In fact, mom and pop is a good way to describe the owners, Janet and Robert Henry, who have been raising three children in Salem. Like their original store, WNC Too will be family friendly, offering crayons to little customers and paper table cloths to doodle. The owners are also enthusiastic about all the new restaurants opening downtown, saying that the variety of new restaurants will help make downtown more of a destination for Salem residents. They are making plans to coordinate with Young's Teriyaki next door and have live music out front during the summer. If you're excited as I am, there is a possibility that they will open Monday. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Just met the owner Rob yesterday- super nice guy. I'm excited to go to the new location!

Anonymous said...

It doesn't look like my previous comment got posted, so I'll try again. I like WNC and was excited about WNC 2. Sadly, the service was poor and we had to ask for everything and then the waitress would come and ask again. The food was OK, but not as good as WNC. Also, as of a few weeks ago when I went they didn't take credit cards...only cash.