WNC Too opens!

Here's a copy and paste from "Noodle News." Downtown dining, definitely improving.

We are opening TODAY (Tuesday, 1/9)at 4 pm for dinner.
The GOOD NEWS: We have our temporary OLCC permit
(beer & wine WILL BE SERVED!)
The BAD NEWS: Credit Card processing has not been finalized yet. For the time being, please bring cash.

THANKS! We can't wait for you to come see the new place!

Robert, Janet & our AWESOME HARD WORKING STAFF!!!!!

380 High St NE Salem OR
p 503.362.8667
f 503.362.5150


Anonymous said...

I was excited for this new location, and went last week with a friend who was trying WNC for the first time. I was sadly disappointed. The service was awful; we had to ask for everything and our waitress could never remember was we asked for. The food was bland. Maybe they will improve over time. Oh, and they don't yet take credit cards, so make sure you have cash!

Willamette Noodle said...

Hey Anonymous... thanks for trying to give people a heads up about the cash... but by the time you posted your comment the equipment had arrived and we were up and running!

Also, I wish you would have let us know you weren't happy with your food. We are always willing to re-make a dish that didn't meet your expectations. And the server... it's entirely possible you got one of our brand new servers. Maybe you'll cut her some slack and give us another try... I'm pretty sure we have most of the wrinkles ironed out now.

Lise M said...

Ooh! You all have a blog now for your restaurant? Very cool! You should have Salem Man add it to the Salem Blog list.