Real Victory, Eat Salem readers choose La Hacienda Real for "Restaurant of the Year, 2008"

The results are final and the ornate Mexican restaurant, with three stores in the Salem area, wins the most votes from readers of this blog. Attention to detail is what really makes this place stand out. Even the bathroom sink is eye catching. The food is what really brings in the crowds. Homemade tortillas are served alongside many of their delicious dishes and you can't go wrong with ordering from their vast menu. We'll set up an Eat Salem night at one of the restaurants by the end of the month or beginning of February. Congratulations to the owners and staff of La Hacienda Real. You guys are raising the bar for restaurants in the Salem area. If you'd like to contact us about the Eat Salem night send an email to

Poll Results
Straight From New York Pizza (28) 17%
La Hacienda Real (42) 25%
Christo's Pizza (29) 17%
Wild Pear (36) 21%
The Little Cannoli Bakery (19) 11%
DaVinci's (15) 9%

Total Votes: 169


Anonymous said...

Mmm...was always my highlight for coming back to Salem while I lived elsewhere for a good 8 years.

KandN said...

I may not have voted for it, but I do enjoy their food.
Viva La Hacienda Real!

Anonymous said...

This place gives Mexican food a bad name. They just serve you large portions of (at best) decent and rather bland food. It's Mexican food for the American palette done not so well. Ask Mexican Americans about this place and see what they tell you. I do appreciate the in house tortillas, but they are often sloppily made. I agree with the sentiment of a previous comment...if this is truly the best restaurant in Salem, then Salem is not a very good place for food.

Wild Pear and Davinci's are much better restaurants.

Anonymous said...

I am so surprised that this won. I have eaten there 2 times (once to try and second hoping that the first time's horrible food was a fluke) and thought it was some of the worst Mexican food I've ever eaten. Greasy tortillas and the worst pollo ala crema that I've ever had.

Anonymous said...

You said it!!! It is mexican food made for bland, greasy food loving folks. Try La Margarita or Los dos Hermanos in Keizer. The tortillas are handmade and not greasy, and the salsas and sauces are excellent!

Anonymous said...

If you like American Mexican food and enormous piles of it, you won't be disappointed.

Personally, I like real Mexican food. La Mixteca. The place up on State and Lancaster. La Perla. JR's tacqueria. La Margarita Express. Taco truck out on Portland Road (if you dare - risk reward at it's finest - good food!). Lots of good choices.

I would rate Hacienda middle of the pack when it comes to Mexican restaurants in Salem. Certainly there are a lot of better restaurants overall in Salem (Davinci's, Mortons, Christos, Fuji, Love Love,...etc).

Hacienda = very generic American take on Mexican food. You won't see any Mexican's eating there.

It's not bad, just not authentic by any stretch of the word.

Anonymous said...

Its really too bad the four of you do not like La Hacienda. Its been popular for grease and non-grease lovers in Salem for many years. I have to say I did not vote for them. But I have to back them up.T hey are not just a bland high-piled plate of americanized food. I love their tortillas. The taste of the pico de gallo keeps me coming back. Give me a cheese enchilada and their beans for breakfast and I am a happy girl. I hate greasy food and won't go to most fast food places in town because of this.
Its possible La Hacienda is not as good as they were years ago, but I just had to stand behind them as I believe this award was not ill-deserved. Its probably 10 years late instead. This blog is still new so its only natural that long time favorites among the majority of the Salem community will be regarded favorably and probably placed on a pedestal. Also, if you disagree with how the votes were distributed, tell your friends about the blog to make this a fair playing field next year.

Anonymous said...

I gotta say I live in W. Salem and I'm happy to have La Hac there. They are great for take out. I call it in on my way home from work and it's hot and ready by the time I get there. My parents enjoy eating there when they come to town! Their tortilla are yummy!

Anonymous said...

All those people talking crap about La Hacienda don't know what 's good! Now tell me why do they recieve "Best of the Mid-Valley" every year? Simply because they are the best mexican restaurant that U and I will ever see! By the way, those are not some greasy tortillas your just jealous that you can't make them yourself!