Out and About, Without Power

My family's Christmas' joy was dimmed for a couple of days as the snow and icy weather collapsed trees and snapped the power line which brings electricity to my neighborhood. We were without power from Sunday night until Tuesday early evening. The sizzling hot power line scarred the street as it was left on and untouched for over 36 hours. We drove by, wondering if we would be in the dark for Christmas day. Fortunately, the hardworking PGE crews came by and fixed the situation quickly.

It was a humbling experience being without electricity. The forced air gas heater didn't work, so Duraflames and a pile of wood kept us warm in one room of the house. With a four wheel drive we were able to head out and seek the warmth of downtown stores and restaurants. In our travels we tried the new Word of Mouth Neighborhood Bistro on 17th St. and State. The place is warm and friendly and they make an amazing Clam Chowder. I wasn't planning on doing a review but I shot some home video inside so that you can see what it looks like. On my wife's plate is the Homemade Veggie Burger. I'll be back soon for a review.


Salem Dinner Table said...

Oh my gosh that veggie burger looks good! That has been on my list of menu items to try when I go there. Looks like the dinning room was empty when you went. :(

Salem Man said...

We went there just as they were closing but stayed late to serve us.

KandN said...

We often end up visiting for so long or dining at such odd times, the pictures we take make the establishments look uninhabited.
I wish the Bistro well. I don't know if it's the building or the location, but past restaurants haven't lasted long at that address.
I can still remember when Brian Case operated a music store there. He repaired many a trombone issue for us.

Salem Dinner Table said...

I am on their specials e-mail list. Just got this in my in-box.

Not too many people realize how early we are open during the week… So, we are going to give away (well almost) our Corned Beef Hash, Two Eggs and Breakfast Bread for only $1.95 as an "early bird grand opening" special.

Available between 7-8 am Monday – Thursday.

Our signature hash has received raving reviews both in-house and on the web, such as…

"The new restaurant on 17th near state (used to be cravings, and dragonfly and green house cafe before that) is hands down the best breakfast in this entire region. It opened on the 15th, and honestly, as a major foodie, their corned beef hash and eggs breakfast is the absolute best breakfast I have had anywhere, ever. Check it out and give some support to these guys, you will be amazed." (thanks eatsalem.com)

Anonymous said...

This is our new favorite breakfast joint! Try it, you will not be dissapointed.