More Rejected Comments

It's that time again to clean out the bottom of the cage and get rid of some of the nastier comments that didn't make it onto the blog. This time I'll explain why each one was held back. By the way, I couldn't help myself and went back to the Word of Mouth, Neighborhood Bistro without my camera. The lunch was superb and the dining room was busy. Looks like we got another good one here in Salem. I will be back to review, I promise.

Now back to our rejects.
"The staff is unaware of ingredients in their food. I was told there was no nuts in the carrot cake but quickly found myself needing Benadryl and my throat closing, not a minor mistake."

I didn't put this one up because the commenter claimed to have been sickened by the food. Although being allergic to peanuts is a new twist on food poisoning, I treated it as the same thing. It's not that I don't believe this person got sick, I hope that the reaction subsided quickly, I just don't think that a blog is the right place to sort out complicated health issues. I'm not a doctor nor do a play one online.

"Other than the extremely rude service provided by the extremely pissy elderly waitress, I was immediately dissapointed at the tacos provided...
The food was delicious, but my friends and I refuse to go back to their establishment---mostly for the rude service. The woman is tall and ethnic, who barely speaks english and is in a continuously pissy mood. When we ordered she barely listened to us, hunched over and acted haughty as though she was doing a great service to us by waiting on us.
I suggest getting a new waitress that is faster than a two legged turtle and someone who has a somewhat happier disposition than your currently employed rabid dog.
You have lost 8 customers."

This one was held back because of the personal attack on the "pissy" waitress. I hate lousy service as much as anyone but I felt like this woman would have been easily identified by this comment. It would be helpful if this commenter were more vague about the situation.

"I personally would not darken the door step of this restaurant. Because it hires woman that run off with their kids. I do not mean a woman that has a reason for running, other than her own shameful guilt. Maybe some of you know her. Person's name redacted. She destroyed her husbands and her kids life by having an affair, and then ran off with his kids. She then shows up at Restaurant name redacted acting like some kind of victim and they help her by giving her a job. Well let me tell you something, I do not eat at an establishment that promotes terrorisim. And that is what it is when you help rip a family apart by funding the actions of an unfaithful spouse that cannnot admit her guilt. My family knows her and her husband well, and He was the most loving, caring husband and father that I have ever met after knowing him for over 20 years. I am so discusted with how woman and men just destroy their families for nothing but a thrill. It it is pathetic. And for the owners and management team at this restaurant, shame on you for the funding the destruction of young lives of these kids."

I'm so sorry for the above situation, that sounds awful. This is a food blog not a place for airing dirty laundry. And I think that's using the term "terrorisim" a little loosely.

"i think yu haters have tacos in your asses those are th best tacos in the world!!!!!!!! can i get a halleluyah!!!!!? oh yes brotha!!!"

I probably could have put this one on the blog, but i didn't.

"restaurant name redacted is garbage how could that place be considered run by a absolute jerk cookies are stale"

That one smells like a disgruntled employee.

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I look forward to sorting through your comments in the coming months. Thanks for reading and tell your friends about us.


jeff said...

I would have redacted the URL's in the bikini spam.

Anonymous said...

i think the first two comments were totally valid and should have been included.

if the employees do not know the content of the food they serve, when asked specifically by someone with a food allergy.... i would want that information so i can be sure not to eat there with my best friend. she's allergic to dairy and it really ruins our evening when she's told by waitstaff that something is dairy-free, but it turns out not to be. she has a reaction and the night is over. if the waitstaff doesnt know the answer, they just go ask the cook. i think that's terrible service on the part of that restaurant and think that is information you should leave us with.

and i guess i dont see why a commenter needs to be more vague about terrible waitstaff. she's the rude waitress that earned her bad review, let her deal with it. throw it up there for us all to see and avoid! :) maybe she shouldnt have a job in waiting and it would benefit her establishment to replace her.

Anonymous said...

I do realize that allergies can be a serious issue, but I think if I had a nut allergy I wouldn't even consider ordering carrot cake. If there were no nuts added it would be mentioned right on the placard by the cake. A carrot cake without nuts is a rarity.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the spam a warning, no one should go to the urls posted in those comments. You could return with a horrible virus.

I understand taking away the personal attacks. We should be vague on the blog when referring to waitstaff. It could result in a flaming war and no one wants that. If you want to complain about a specific person, it would be smarter and more efficient to go directly to the restaurant's management. Its just like any disagreement. Most wouldn't blog about a problem with a co-worker, they'd go directly to the source.

The allergies thing is a touchy subject. I really don't know what to say about that. It would be more of a blog issue to post about restaurants writing on their menu that something is nuts of gluten free. Its very common for young small-town waiters/tresses to not know what is nut/gluten/soy/peanut free. There are other many groups that discuss the never ending campaign to better educate restaurants about being allergy sensitive.

Anonymous said...

The problem with the comment on the waitress is that it's ageist. Plus, what is the point of mentioning that she's "ethnic"??? Critique the behavior or service but not how someone physically looks based on age or ethnicity or race or sex, etc.

Salem Man said...

Concerning the allergy issue. I just don't think it's fair for a commenter to claim on a blog that a restaurant employee caused physical harm to another person. What if the commenter is lying. How do we sort it out and do we ever really know the truth. Email the Marion County restaurant inspectors,, they are the appropriate authorities to deal with that sort of thing.

Anonymous said...

Dear Salem Man,
Thank you for keeping this site free from the comment garbage that clutters the web. Your thought and effort make eatsalem much more palatable than sites that don't make the effort.