Calapooia Brewing Co. - Albany

What a great concert N and band gave us Sunday in Albany! They even sang for a minute or more for one piece. Very impressive!
After the concert we used good old Reggie-the-gps to find Calapooia Brewing Co.
N said there's no way he could've found it without Reggie's help. It's located on 140 Hill St. NE, on the far fringes of downtown, near some railroad tracks and several warehouse type buildings.
I liked the paint combination they used on the outside - forest green and burgundy, is my guess. (BUT then I do have an inherited color deficiency.) I loved the bar area and three tables crafted from rough hewn slabs of big trees. The rest was more utilitarian - made to seat patrons and for playing darts. They also have a big, semi-enclosed, heated, outdoor seating area adjacent to the dining room.
Since we arrived around 4:45, the place was nearly empty and the bartender was ready to let us try whatever we wanted from the many taps. Every stout, porter and ale I tried was rich, complex - excellent! Even the chili beer. :>) It definitely tasted of jalapenos and I can't imagine drinking more than a few ounces of it.
Their burgers and sandwiches were more lunch fare sized(with the exception of Lise's Reuben), but very good.
I would recommend it for tasting some great beers with lunch or a light dinner.
140 Hill St. NE
Albany, OR 97321
(541) 928-1931
What's YOUR favorite local beer?


Salem Man said...

Good looking burgers and that rueben looked yummy. I hope at least one of those beers was foe Santa.

KandN said...

We made sure Santa was well taken care of. With this weather, he'll need all the fortification he can get!

KandN said...

I found an interesting link on the history of Salem Brewing Company:
I never knew!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words and great photos. We love what we do and we do it for people like you, who appreciate good beer, good food, a quaint atmosphere and good service.

Cheers, Mark
Calapooia Brewing Co.