Chipotle on Lancaster Opening November 25

The newest taco stand in town is making a big splash along Lancaster, not too far from Baja Fresh. Chipotle, once owned by McDonalds Corp, generates $1 billion dollars a year in revenue for the the Denver based IPO. One of their PR folks sent in an email explaining their upcoming opening and public service to the Oregon community. Here's a snippet from the email.

Correction please read
Hi there…Thank you for posting the news on eatsalem…It’s just been brought to my attention that the Salem opening has been pushed back to Nov. 25. The free burrito day will be on the preceding Monday, the 24th, from 11A-8P. We hope to see everyone out there and apologize for any inconvenience.

It's an exciting time for Chipotle in Oregon as we welcome two new Stores
into the fold in Salem and Corvallis. Corvallis will open on Nov. 21, Salem will open Nov. 25.

In addition to the Free Burrito Day, which will take place the preceding
Monday, Nov. 24 from 11AM-8PM and is expected to draw jaw-dropping
numbers, Chipotle is on the verge of launching its Harvest Program:

1. Oregon and Washington stores ONLY
2. At the end of each day individual stores will refrigerate ALL their
unused beans, rice, meats
3. 2x weekly, these items will be picked up and donated to local food
relief agencies, including St. Vincent de Paul and Salvation Army Family
4. This equates to over 100 pounds of food donated every week across
Chipotle’s 9 Oregon locations.
5. It's notable that even in a trying economic climate, Chipotle continues
to give to those less fortunate.


KandN said...

Wouldn't it be great if all of the restaurants in the area did the same thing with their leftovers? When I worked at KFC years ago, it used to make me so upset when they tossed their leftovers into the dumpster every night. There was one cook who would put the chicken in a bucket and leave it on top of the dumpster when he was in charge.
I'm trying to imagine what Lancaster will look like on November 20th . . .

Anonymous said...

Salem Chipotle opening postponed.

The following was just redeived at KWVT...

Subject: Salem Chipotle opening postponed

Hi All,

It’s just been brought to my attention that the Salem opening has been pushed back to Nov. 25.

Pertinent Details:

Salem Free Burrito Day: Monday, November 24th 11AM-8PM
Salem Grand Opening: Tuesday, November 25th.

Corvallis remains as scheduled: Free Burrito Day Thursday, November 20th. Grand Opening Friday, November 21st.

All other details as provided in my original email (i.e. Harvest program) remain the same.

We hope to see everyone out there and I absolutely apologize for any inconvenience.


Colin Baugh
Account Manager
Suzuki + Chou Communimedia

KandN said...

I saw the big Grand Opening sign(for the 25th)on the front when we drove past today.
Making mental note to avoid that part of Lancaster on Monday - free burrito day.