Almost Home Cafe & Steakhouse

When N and I walked into Almost Home, it was obvious that it's a favorite amongst area seniors. We're both working on the second half of a century, but suddenly we felt young. ;>) A waiter stopped at a table out of his territory to say hello to a table of women. After he left, one of them remarked that she remembered when he was just a busboy. Their employees must stick around for a long time, too.
A life size cut out of John Wayne greets you at the entrance. He's positioned by two comfortable looking couches near a display of a pet photo collection. The owners must take the comfort and entertainment of waiting patrons seriously.

We were seated in a solarium that's usually saved for larger groups. One nice change from the ordinary was their vintage wood banquet chairs, instead of the standard metal variety. I was happy to see that they bring each table their own carafe of coffee. Sassy Onion also does this. I believe it helps keep the coffee fresh and prevents the frustration over an empty coffee cup. I prefer stronger coffee than what I was served, but it was hot and fresh. Our waitress came over and joked with us while we made up our minds. I ordered their Mount Rushmore skillet and N ordered the Pancake Sandwich, although it was hard to pass up the Prime Rib Skillet.
Our breakfasts arrived within 10-12 minutes. My scrambled eggs were moist - not over done, the potatoes and bacon were crisp and there was a nice assortment of peppers, onions and mushrooms in my skillet. N's eggs, bacon and sausage were also done just right and his pancakes were big and fluffy.
Another nice, friendly, local find - especially for those who appreciate a less noisy cafe experience.

3310 Market St NE
Salem, OR 97301
(503) 378-0100
Situated right beside Shiloh Inn


Salem Man said...

That looks good!

Jill said...

We haven't been there is...decades. Is on our list now. Thanks KandN for the informative review.

KandN said...

I had no idea they've been around that long! I'd like to give them a try for dinner sometime.

Anonymous said...

It used to be the Village Inn, but the owners disenfranchised (I think that's the term) and changed the name a few years ago.

Anonymous said... SHOULD have gone for the prime rib skillet. It's my favorite.

KandN said...

Have you (anonymous above) ever eaten dinner there?

Bryan said...

The wife and I stopped by for lunch yesterday. I think we were the only ones there that didn't have gray hair. Took the waitress quite a while to come and take our order. My wife ordered the prime rib french dip, when the order came it was clear that this was not prime rib. It looked like the sliced roast beef they sell at Cash and Carry. It still tasted good but cost $2 more than the regular french dip. We asked the waitress if the sandwich was prime rib or regular roast beef, she went to the kitchen and came back to say it was prime rib. (she had an attitude now) I ordered the hot turkey sandwich and it was good, I have had much better. We did have a buy one get one coupon so the meal was less than $20 with tip. But I don't think we will be going back.

Anonymous said...

We go there on a regular basis. My 2 teenage sons love the burgers and fries (more than Rockin Rogers or Red Robin). We have never been disappointed in any part of the meal or the service. In fact, I RAVE about the fries to many people.

Chuck Bradley said...

Reminiscent of truck stops in the 60's......Took she who must be obeyed here for her Mother's day lunch. The name and the appearance of the building suggest exactly what you'll find inside. All was as anticipated. Clean wholesome atmosphere, well groomed and courteous waitpersons and hearty American fare. It's the kind of place your Mom and Dad took you to when you were a child. Sometimes "nothing out of the ordinary" suites me just fine.

Anonymous said...

love,love,love them!!!!!!!!
been going for years