Salem Oregon Election Info, 5th Congressional District

By now you've been bombarded with election ads for and against the US Senate candidates and I'm sure you've made up your mind who you are going to vote for in the presidential race. Another big race that should be on your mind is the 5th congressional seat being vacated by Darlene Hooley. The local foodies over at Living Culture produced a show highlighting a recent debate of the candidates for this seat. It's worth watching because the topic discussed is our local agricultural industry. The debate was informative and gave insight into how different ideologies look to improve our farming industry. Both the Republican and Democrat attended the debate as well as some formidable opponents from smaller parties. Take a few moments to watch the debate and fill out your ballot with an informed decision.

Congressional Candidate Forum

For more info on the candidates go to the League of Women Voters website.

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KandN said...

I believe you're right about people having already made their choices about the presidential election, but someone told me about a great Frontline program (re-airing the 14th at 9 PM) called Choices 2008.
I think I'll tune in just to get a break from all the garbage being tossed about.