McDonald's Profits Up 11%

Just as we're seeing local restaurants struggle, the superchain, McDonalds, is seeing it's profits rise. I wonder if this means our waste lines are growing proportionally. Another interesting note, on that awful Monday when stocks fell 777 points, Campbell's Soup was the only stock on the S&P index to see a gain. It's a sad situation and there's more reason now to make sure your dinner dollars make into the cash registers at local restaurants. I found this funny video online to help cheer you up. Enjoy heros.


Lise M said...

If people are going to McDonalds for cheap eats, I wonder what everyone's favorite local places are for cheap eats are? When I was in college and came back home for breaks, my friends and I liked to go to Don Pedro's.

Anonymous said...

Support your local restaurants. It is good for the economy. About 10% of what you spend at the big chains stays in the community compared to about 60% with locals.

Favorite local places for cheap eats:

#1. Straight from NY Pizza. The cheese slice is only two and a half bucks. The veggie slice is a bit more, but a meal.

#2. La Perla Tapitia. .99 tacos. Grab three and you are on your way.

#3. I am sitting here thinking hard and cannot come up with any others.

Looking forward to hear other ideas. Support the locals or all we'll have left is WalMart and McDonalds.

KandN said...

Our favorite place for cheap eats is Love Love Teriyaki.

Anonymous said...

When we say "local" restaurants, we really mean "non-chain" restaurants, right? Many McDonalds, for example, are owned by members of their community. And all their employees do not fly in from New Jersey each day. I would hate to see our advocacy of restaurants with a distinctly local personality (which I agree with) get drowned out by baseless economic claims.

KandN said...

Anonymous 10-24 7:08AM, I don't understand your comment. Can you explain for slow me?

Lise M said...

I think I can explain, correct me if I'm wrong...supporting the local flavor is great, but supporting a franchise of Micky-D's will help the local economy just as much as supporting a local restaurant.

I think we should support local flavor so we don't see it disappear. If a McDonalds had to close due to a loss in profits (and hopefully one won't), one would probably reopen down the road.

Anonymous said...

Lisa Anne, thank you for the assist; you captured my meaning perfectly. I don't think the economic argument works very well, but I think there are plenty of other reasons to enjoy "local flavor" (wonderful phrase).

Or maybe I'm just grumpy because of Busters closing. Starting to dream of juicy brisket . . .

By the way, I'm not a fan of anonymous posting, but I don't know the procedure to sign up. I do like the site, and I appreciate the opportunity to contribute.

KandN said...

Okay, now I understand. Thanks, Lisa Anne :>)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I was able to correctly interpret your previous comments. :-)

If you have a Google account (for Google documents, Google homepage, or gmail) you can "comment as" the google account you are currently logged in with, or you can "comment as" an AOL Instant Messenger account, or Live Journal account. If you do not have one of those accounts, you can also select the "comment as" Name/URL option. That way you only have to type in your name and your website, if you have one.

I prefer the Google account because I am always logged into gmail. You creat your own account by going to or and create a new account. Hope this helps!

Lisa Anne

Anonymous said...

Not only is McDonald's extremely unhealthy food but a huge % of every dollar you spend there heads out of town. They don't manufacture that meat product locally - that would happen at a non-Oregon factory - many of them back east (Jersey Turnpike is a big source). The same with the produce and the paper goods.

Yes they do pay wages to people who live here and they do pay property taxes and the franchisee's keep some of the profits local. But the % is much less than a local restaurant. That is a fact.

I have to take one last bash at McDonald's - as a parent I just cannot comprehend why parents feed that stuff to their kids. Just baffling to me.

Bottomline, vote with your dollars. There are not a lot of local restaurant options, but it does benefit your community when you support them - if they perform and deliver good food/service.

Full Disclosure: My parents fed me a lot of McD when I was growing up and I ate there 6 times a week as a teen. Haven't ate there since 1995 - and I am 30 lbs lighter.