Los Dos Amigos Hacienda

Our daughters were determined that we go out to dinner to celebrate their father's new job. I was determined to dine somewhere off our well beaten path. I suggested Los Dos Amigos Hacienda, since we were already in the north end of town and it had been awhile since we'd eaten Mexican fare.
The restaurant (it shares a parking lot with Chuck E. Cheese's) looked as if it had recently been updated - both the interior and exterior were bright, clean and inviting. Even the front doors looked new. We were immediately seated by the friendly host, and our warm chips, beans and salsa arrived within seconds of being seated. Everyone ordered a drink - 2 margaritas, one pina colada and one (for over indulgent me) Casuela (it was served in a small bowl!).
The four of us took our time browsing the large menu and finally settled on the following; Guadalajara Burrito, Carne Asada, Burrito Fajita, and Burrito Asado. My Guadalajara Burrito was filled with moist, tender, seasoned, shredded pork, with a light avocado sauce poured over the top. Black beans, pico de gallo and rice were served on the side.
My daughter's Carne Asada was ordered medium, but she said it was a little like beef jerky and might order it rare next time - if she were to order it again. Her pinto beans were yummy, tasted homemade, and the rice was good, though a little greasy. A few tortillas came with her meal, too. She decided on flour and was disappointed. She thought they tasted like the thick Don Pedro ones you buy at the grocery.
The service was excellent (although, water would've been nice) and we had a nice evening out.

3140 Lancaster Dr NE


Salem Man said...

That's the first I've ever heard of a cocktail served in a bowl. Had to google it.
I wonder why they prefer to put the drink in the bowl. Why wouldn't a margarita glass work? Is it tradition? How weird. Looks like you had a fun time.

KandN said...

Oh my gosh! And I thought my drink was big!

Anonymous said...

This Is the best Mexican restaurant in Salem, Oregon Hands Down!!!I moved here from Downtown Chicago in 2000. I Am Picky!

Order fiesta Mexicana..can't lose. Think outside the menu as well!!

Anonymous said...

Los Dos Amigos definately has the best mexican food in town, but in my opinion the service could be better(so if everyone spoke english)

Chuck Bradley said...

Among my prejudices are these……

1. Buffets are all suspect. 2. At 1:30PM buffets are especially suspect. The thing about prejudices is they are often wrong. When I smelled and saw this one, I knew the menu was to be nothing more than an interesting read. There was a wonderful vegetable medley, the ubiquitous rice and refried beans, fantastic chicken enchiladas, big marinated beef chunks, chicken meat perfectly seasoned with plenty of, but not too much tang. Three hot flour tortillas were served moments after I was seated. Chips and salsa were already at my table. All this for $7! I did look at the menu items and noted that, for a Mexican place in Salem Oregon, the prices were high, but from observing other patron's orders go by, I suspect the extra cost of the entrees is well worth it. (Note: on another site, there were several negative comments about the level of service. I had no complaint here.)